Friday, July 31, 2009

Pat White Could Hold Out

Even as I proclaimed via Twitter that Jeff Ireland and Bill Parcells "don't **** around" when it comes to getting their draft picks signed in time for training camp, it appears that the apple of their collective eyes is poised for a holdout according to PFT.

The hangup appears to be due to the fact that White and his agent are seeking different incentives other than those generally given to QBs taken in the second round since they believe (and likely correctly) that White will not be utilized like any other QB drafted in the second round.

Due to his role as "Wildcat Specialist" and Chad Henne's apparent strangehold on the position of QB of the future, White is looking to add on some incentives that would reward him for his unique role in the offense should he become successful in that capacity. And I can't say I blame him...

Hopefully this is resolved shortly so we can all get a sneak peak at Wildcat 2.0.

[Might as well grab your Miami Wildcat shirt while you still can! lol.]

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