Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lambo_Weezy Impersonated Davone in REAL LIFE too!

Now that the Lambo_Weezy saga has reached a national audience, many people are coming forward with their experiences with the con artist formerly known as "Davone Bess AKA Lambo_Weezy". In one interesting account on, he mentions that Lambo had been using Bess' identity to frequent clubs in real life.

BallerAlert writes:
We kept in contact and just fell into the friendship zone. A couple weekends ago we hanged out at the club. Every one knew him by Devone the NFL player. So he did not just fool the bitches on twitter he fooled every one on South Beach! He was poping comped bottles and had all the groupies on his dick.
When confronted about his reasons for impersonating Davone, Lambo stated that his reasons for lying was that:
...everyone told him that he looked like Davone. So i am guessing he started believing he really was him.
You can read more about BallerAlert's run-in with the infamous Lambo_Weezy here.

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His 1 & only said...

omg dis boy is sooooooooooooooooo lame if you really want to find dude Mr.Devone Bess he dont live in no LA dis dude lives right here in west palm beach.... he often hangs with a local music group from this area that is always in LA doing music and thats probably how h knows about that hotel.... this guy is such a liar my fiance use to be his roommate in tallahassee tried to save him from a beat down when he went to school up there and he lied to get girls by tellin them he played for FSU it was all over his myspace page He also lies to ppl and tells them that Peter Warrick is his half brother NOT TRUE you cant believe nothin that comes outta this dudes mouf.... Lyk i said the only way he has ne kind of shone is because of the ppl that he hangs aroung have money bc they are doing their music ... I hope he gets wat is coming to him .... hell First friday is coming up find out the hottest club in 561 or 305 and he'll be there im sure sponging off someone tryna kick game to some dumb gurl of teh night..... He is the OFFICIAL LAME OF WEST PALM BEACH... he got beat up by a stripper who made a dis song about him bc he lied about sleepin with her as he is known for doing..... He is just so DUMB

Finstache said...

LOL! Do you have a link to his Myspace page?

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