Friday, July 10, 2009

EXCLUSIVE Q&A With Davone Bess

We recently got a chance to sit down with the second year stand out at wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins - Davone Bess.

In between surfing sessions in Hawaii as he unwinds before reporting back to Davie for the start of training camp, Davone was kind enough to sit down with us and discuss last year's improbable rise up the depth chart and the team's improbable march to the playoffs and what we can expect this upcoming season.

I will be typing this blog LIVE as I speak with Davone, so please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors.

Let's begin:

Odin Gunderson: Hey Davone, glad we could catch up with you. How is Hawaii this time of year?

Davone Bess: A little bit cold, you know? The Eskimos are chill though. I been drinkin some Pepsi's and Coronas with them. They cool.

OG: Wait, you said you are in Hawaii? That doesn't...

DB: What? Do you know who you talkin to? This be Davone Bess. Davone knows Hawaii! Davone is KING of Hawaii. They call me King Comonaplayawanaleia and all the ladies be coming to my 'gloo for some action.

OG: Nice try Lambo... I have traced this call and will be sending this information to the proper authorities.

L_W: But this is Davone Bess. I promise. Please don't. I can prove it. I'll send you a picture of my hair. Come on man. Please? ****!


My apologies, it appears that we have been had by an impostor once again. However, if you would like to read a REAL interview with the legit Davone Bess, simply follow this link to read his thoughts on the Dolphins shocking 2008 season and what 2009 might have in store:
Q&A with Davone Bess

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