Friday, July 17, 2009

Madden 10 SNEAK PEAKS: Dolphins Vs. Raiders (OMG EA SCREWED UP THE SOCKS!)

I hope you have a cup handy to collect the saliva that is sure to be frothing out of your mouth upon viewing the following videos.

Some intrepid Madden fanatics were able to sneak a handy dandy HD camcorder into E3 (The annual convention of gamer geeks such as myself) and record some SEXY new footage of Madden 10 in all its glory. Pregame, game action, half time and more. And luckily for us Dolphin fans, it features our favorite team!

Even in all its pixelated glory, EA did manage to FAIL in one major aspect of the presentation. They matched up the wrong socks with the wrong uniform!

ANY Dolphins fan worth their bloodstained Jay Fiedler throwback jersey knows that the orange and aqua striped socks go with the AQUA pants, NOT the WHITE pants! Aqua socks are used with the all white uniforms! Good job, EA! There ain't a chance in Hades I'm dropping 60 greenbacks for your appallingly attention-to-detail lacking product!

Just kidding! I'm still going to pre-order the heck out of this game!

EDIT: Well, it turns out my assault upon the good folks at EA and Tiburon might have been out of line after all. According to @FootballDetails, Madden now allows players to delve into the minutia of uniform outfitting that previously only NFL equipment managers could enjoy! That's right, you now have the power to slap on which ever mismatching socks you want on your 3D-rendered gridiron warriors! Sorry EA!

Without further ado, the in-game action:

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