Friday, July 10, 2009

CONTEST: What's Your Story? Share Your Most Memorable Dolphins Moment, Win a Custom Wallpaper

Everyone has a story to tell about their time as a Miami Dolphins football fanatic. What's yours?

I will be giving away a CUSTOM Miami Dolphins Desktop Wallpaper, sig pic, or custom (photoshopped) photo featuring you and a Miami Dolphins player of your choice for use on your favorite social networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter.

All you have to do is share your most memorable fan experience by leaving a comment on this post. I will select the best story from the comments posted and select the winner. It can be about getting into a fist fight with a rowdy Jets fan in the Meadowlands, sticking pins into a makeshift Dave Wannstedt voodoo doll, or being present for Marino's first game in the Orange Bowl. Just make it interesting...

I will select a winner on Friday, July 17th.


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irociran said...

My most memorable monment is when my grandson made his first NFL touch-down Davone Bess #15 I'am one of his Bess-fan. Lots of peoples don"t understand what he faced through his life,sometimes God let you fall to show you he's always there to pick you up and carry you on. When he was in Hawii he seen only one footptint, thinking it was his,not knowing that the Lord was carring all the time.And know he knows how far he brouth him, and how far he's going to take
him.The Bess is Yet to Come.

Odin Gunderson said...

That is great stuff, irociran! Welcome to FinsFTW! I would love to hear more about your grandson. Davone is one of my favorite current players. He has such a great attitude and work ethic.

If you would be interested in sharing some more experiences, please email me at


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