Monday, July 20, 2009

Introducing the FTW Fantasy Football League

Its that time again...

Get out your epic axes, spell books, and wizard caps because its time for FANTASY FOOTBALL!

Fins FTW is mounting its first annual fantasy football league dubbed the FTWFL on

The league will feature 18 players duking it out each week to gain epic loot and notoriety across the land.

The FTWFL Champion will receive:
  • 1 Custom Wallpaper or Graphic
  • 1 Free Banner Ad or Link to your personal website, blog, or business
  • Internet Bragging Rights
So how do you sign up?

Its simple. Simply leave a comment on this thread, tweet me @FinsFTW or email me at with a reason why you should be considered for the league.

State how many years of FF experience you have, make a blood oath promising that you shall not abandon the league even if you are staring a winless season in the face, or something like that. Basically, just convince me that you are a serious player. I don't want to be going against a guy starting a player with a season ending injury come Week 5.

There are only 17 spots (I have already occupied one of the spots in the 18 team league), so apply today.

Once you have been selected, I will email or tweet you the league info and password so that you can join up.


bobrafael said...

I should be in you FF League because I am awesome.
I've been playing FF for like 5 years now and have won it all twice. Not bad, eh? Plus, what else am I gonna do at work? Work? Yeah right. Who am I kidding? Once the season starts my productivity goes down about 50% anyway. So consider it. I won't let you down Mr. Gunderson!

tdotfinatic said...

i played ff for probably 6 years, i live, breathe, sleep, football, i usually play in about six leagues a year, this is my third so far, and what better way to play some ff than against some fellow fin fans?

Odin Gunderson said...

Hey, did you guys get my private messages? Gave you instructions on how to join the league.

13kvFINS said...

I'd enjoy VERY MUCH to play w'knowledgable FIN/football fans!! Been play'n for 9 yrs(3-5 teams),NEVER QUIT,several championships..
Passionate FIN/football fan!! GO DOLPHINS!!

Odin Gunderson said...

13kvFINS check your PM. I left the info to join. :-D

tdotfinatic said...

sorry but i did not recieve anything as of yet

Odin Gunderson said...

Hmmm, tdot, could you email me at I think this commenting system might have a problem. I will send you the info via email.

tdotfinatic said...

i sent u a quick email =-X

Ralph in Michigan said...

I swear a blood oath to the commissioner and my league mates that I will play every game no matter how many losses I may occur. That is the most annoying part of playing Fantasy Football. I have been playing for seven years. I remember back when I first started and was telling people about Fantasy Football people were making fun of me. Now the industry makes billion of dollars each year. Anyways I would be honored to be accepted in to this league of brotherhood. said...

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