Wednesday, July 22, 2009

FREE Wallpaper: Ted Ginn Jr.

Today's Miami Dolphins Wallpaper features starting WR Ted Ginn Jr. Does he have what it takes to become a legit number 1 receiver in the NFL? Discuss HERE.

There are two versions, one with the 2009 schedule and one without. Your choice. As of right now, I only made one in this size. If you would like another wallpaper size, please comment in this thread with your desired resolution size.

DOWNLOAD 1440 x 900 Ted Ginn Jr. Wallpaper
DOWNLOAD 1440 x 900 Ted Ginn Jr. Desktop Schedule
DOWNLOAD Ted Ginn Jr. Sig Pic

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Home SuperBowl 2010 said...

Do U have any wallpaper with Ted Ginn pooping in his diaper and ending chance of playoff win with 11 yard end around loss against Baltimore
Perhaps the Ted Ginn toilet paper would sell better

Hope teddy continues to improve

Great Buffalo game
Good catch against Jets game 16

Odin Gunderson said...

Welly Golly Gee, this must be your lucky day! I do indeed have such an image for you!


bobrafael said...

love the blog. dont stop!

Odin Gunderson said...

Don't worry, I got tons of good stuff coming soon. Just had some work to attend to recently. Keep posted! :-D

Lori @ Internet Advetising said...

thanks for being generous and for sharing Ted Ginn Jr's wallpaper :)
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