Friday, July 17, 2009

Catch of the Week: Sabrina Sato (& OG) Got Hands

A little production note: Going forward, the Catch of the Week will feature one phenomenal catch in Dolphins' history as well as the phenomenal babes you have come to expect. Once the season starts, the best catch by a Miami Dolphins player for that week will get the coveted spot alongside a Fins FTW hottie.

With that out of the way, do you remember Oronde Gadsden? Or as I liked to call him... HANDS.

The man had hands about the size of baseball mitts. In fact, I think the MLB might use his hands as the prototype for all their current gloves.

When you are a wide receiver trying to catch balls from Jay Fiedler, you might as well be an outfielder...

OG's mitts came in handy on one monumental catch that even landed him in the Hall of Fame (if only as a still photograph, and not a bronze bust).

The year was 2002, and this was the Dolphins' chance to break the dreadful curse of the NY Jets. Even with the newly acquired Ricky Williams to trample all over the gang green, we could still count on our fearless Fiedler on the roof to botch the game for us.

And he came damn close...

Jay Fiedler, Dave Wannstedt's favorite son, went back for a pass and chucked the ball right into the awaiting arms of a NY Jets' defensive back when suddenly a great, giant hand emerged to save the day.

Oronde Gadsden. Hero. The Miami Dolphins went on to win the game, and finally break the curse of the New York Jets.

It is only fitting that I should segue from the "hands" to a woman who men can't seem to keep their hands off.

Sabrina Sato
Brazil's Asian Sensation
She is one of the focal points of the popular Brazilian prime time variety show Panico Na TV. Sato is cute, fun, sassy, and sports an amazing body that she is never shy to flaunt for the primetime audience.

Her only imperfection might be the monstrous mole on her forehead. A mole so large and obtrusive that not even our own Jay Fiedler could miss it.


Bonus Making of the Video: (Caution: LOUD START. Might want to lower volume before you play this video)

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