Friday, July 3, 2009

New Name, Same Shame... lessness.

Ok, so I decided to start fresh with a new, more approachable name for the blog. Something more marketable and simple (ie, something I could slap on a shirt and actually plausibly expect someone to purchase one). Since the old Finstache blog was only a week old, I figured it was best to make the move now before things went any further... Although, the Lambo_Weezy detective work will probably still be associated with the old domain, but that's fine.

I have changed my twitter account to reflect the change as well. You can now find me @FinsFTW

It also means a new feed (for the third time, lol.)
Please sign up:

Hope you like the new digs and Happy 4th!

BTW, I am pretty sure most people know what FTW stands for, but if you don't, it is internet language for "For The Win" :)

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