Thursday, July 9, 2009

FREE Miami Dolphins Wallpaper: Joey Porter

The second Miami Dolphins wallpaper in the series features the sometimes fearsome and always loquacious centerpiece of the Miami Dolphins defense - Joey Porter.

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I have provided two versions of the Miami Dolphins wallpaper - one with the Dolphins' 2009 schedule and one without. Please check back soon as I will add more resolution sizes for these miami dolphins wallpapers if requested.

If you would like to get this Miami Dolphins wallpaper in a different resolution size, please leave a comment.


Schedule said...

can we get one with the schedule. I dont want pennington, anyone like JP, Brown, Bess or Ginn, doesnt matter.
Thanks in advance!

Odin Gunderson said...

So you don't want one with any of the players you mentioned, or just not Pennington? This Porter one comes in two versions, one with the schedule and one without.

Odin Gunderson said...

BTW, this is Odin from FinsFTW.

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