Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chad Pennington Challenges Mark Sanchez to a Modeling Duel

Perhaps envious of the hero's welcome that his younger counterpart and rival has received with his former team, Chad Pennington has been preparing not only to defeat Mark "Dirty" Sanchez on the gridiron, but on the catwalk as well.

This is a video of Pennington's grueling practice for the much anticipated "walk-off" which has been tentatively scheduled for later this summer.

Likely motivated by his disappointing upset loss at the hands of the underdog AJ Hawk in a model-off back in 2007, we have been hearing that Mark Sanchez has taken this challenge quite seriously, devoting 99% of his time to honing his walking technique and creating a unique new "look" which will dazzle the judges and leave Chad Pennington drenched in a flood of mascara.

Some of our spies have reported that he is working on a variation of the much-talked-about "stare" featured in GQ earlier this year:

Sanchez is said to have fully recovered from the horrific injury he suffered during his last walk-off with Packers' LB AJ Hawk. For a replay of the Hawk/Sanchez duel, please view the video below:

It's A Walk-Off

Vegas currently has Pennington's odds of winning the matchup at 50/1.

Dolphins Sign Rookie WR Patrick Turner... And His Beard

According to the Palm Beach Post, the Miami Dolphins have reached a 4-year deal with the 6-5' WR out of USC.

By all accounts, he has been quite impressive thus far this offseason. If he is able to continue this progress, his height should add an additional element to the already impressive and creative offense that the Dolphins operated last season. Patrick Turner could become the weapon that the Dolphins staff originally envisioned that Ernest "Goes to Camp" Wilford would become.

However, his height is not Turner's most impressive feature. He also sports a beard that is so robust that it would even make Rick Ross shed tears of envy...

Although it is possible that the weight of the mountain of follicles sprouting from his cheeks might add a few seconds to his 40 time, it is the opinion of this author that facial hair and football are never a bad combination. Long live the beard!

Guess Who's Back? The One and Only WEEZY Update!

Yes, the infamous Lambo_Weezy may be a thing of the past, and you would think with Davone Bess' team of lawyers on his ass, he would be running far, far away from Twitterland. But it seems our favorite Twitter impostor can't seem to stave off the allure of thousands of adoring "followers" following his every move.

So, Mr. Weezy has reincarnated as @The1andonly99. At this juncture, it is not known whether his username is foreshadowing that he will soon shave his head in hopes of impersonating a more famous member of the Miami Dolphins. (He couldn't possibly be that foolish, could he?)

Since he will surely take this profile down once he gets word that we are onto him, I will go ahead and post all the pictures so you can see our favorite impostor in all his glory one last time, for old time's sake.

"Sup. I'm not a Wide Receiver, but I play one on Twitter. Sex?"

"OMG! Davone Bess? Let's do it right now!" -Cool, lets head back to my crib. *minutes later* "WTF? Why are you driving a Pinto?" -"Oh, my Lambo is in the shop. Sorry." "Oh OK! I'm doing it with Davone Bess! DAVONE F***ING BESS!"

Below is the screencap that I took of his resurrected Twitter page:

Click for FULL SIZE

Rest in Peace, Lambo_Weezy. We hardly knew ye...

[NOTE: Thanks go out to Lord_Of_Miami at FH who sent me a link to his new Twitter.]

UPDATE: After investigating some more and following a link to one of the users Lambo communicated with in the above picture to Myspace, I was able to find that same user on Facebook. I looked through the user's 300 or so friends, but could not find someone who matched Lambo.

However, this is where it gets interesting, several of the user's facebook friends were current and former Miami Dolphins players. Players on this user's facebook friends list included OJ McDuffie, Kendall Langford, Troy Drayton, Louis Oliver, Devin Aromashodu, and Santonio Holmes. However, it is possible that this user is only friends with Lambo on Twitter because he still believes he is Davone Bess. It is also possible that this user does not know any of these players personally, and has only friended them on Facebook.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Lambo_Weezy Saga Goes National

I had promised that the Davone Bess VINDICATED post would be my last blog on the topic, but I didn't really anticipate the story going national. Well, it has, and SeƱor Weezy is in some serious trouble now. Perhaps this will be a message to all would-be future Twitter impostors, you fake, you pay. Props to Davone Bess for being so proactive in trying to clear his name of the sludge that the impostor had slathered all across his good name while using the popular social networking site.

You can follow the national coverage at the following links:

On the bright side for Lambo_Weezy, he might get a date afterall... A date in court.

Remember Lambo...

Dolphins Training Camp Dates Announced

The Dolphins will kick off a myriad of what are sure to be grueling training camp sessions beginning on the morning of August the 2nd.

This is where the path to the playoffs and beyond begins. All the installations, chemistry, and other crucial facets to the Dolphins' 2009 success will be honed and finely tuned during these session. You can be a witness to this transformative proccess.

There is still no word on whether the infamous Lambo_Weezy will make an appearance.

Several of these training camp sessions will be open to the public. They will take place on the following dates. (Note: In the event of inclement weather, some of these dates will be cancelled for the public as the team will be forced to practice in the Bubble - a fan free environment.)

Aug. 2Sunday9 p.m.5 p.m.
Aug. 3Monday2 p.m.
Aug. 4Tuesday9 a.m.
Aug. 5Wednesday2 p.m.
Aug. 6Thursday9 a.m.5 p.m.
Aug. 7Friday2 p.m.
Aug. 8Saturday2 p.m.
Aug. 10Monday9 a.m.5 p.m.
Aug. 11Tuesday2 p.m.
Aug. 12Wednesday9 a.m.
Aug. 13Wednesday2 p.m.
Aug. 14Friday9 a.m.5 p.m.
Aug. 15Saturday10:15 a.m.
Aug. 19Wednesday9 a.m.5 p.m.
Aug. 20Thursday9 a.m.5 p.m.

Free Miami Dolphins Sig Pic - Jason "The Slayer" Taylor

Jason Taylor, in his prime, was a slayer of men. Relive the glory years with this sig pic. Who knows, maybe he will display the same level of play he was known for again in 2009.

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Jason Taylor,Miami Dolphins


And so it ends, with Davone Bess cleared of all charges of douchiness and virtual wrong-doing. Today, Dolphins Public Relations honcho Harvey Greene confirmed to ThePhinsider that the twitter account originally known as Lambo_Weezy (and all subsequent faux accounts) does NOT belong to Davone Bess - WR of the Miami Dolphins.

If you would like to follow the entire saga of the infamous Lambo, please click here.

The impostor had many of us fooled, including yours truly. He got real NFL players, models, party promoters, and even bloggers and reporters to believe he was the real Davone Bess, even though his antics appeared to be at odds with the personality of the Davone Bess Dolfans have come to know over the past year.

Please get the word out about the impostor so no one else can be conned into following the scumbag who was attempting to leech off of Davone's success.

Thanks for everyone's hard work in exposing the fraud. And hopefully this can be my FINAL time reporting on Twitter.

I am glad Davone Bess has finally been vindicated in this matter, as I and several others can remain one of his biggest fans. There is no way I could support a man of the character of "Lambo_Weezy", fortunately for us, the REAL Davone Bess is the antithesis of Lambo.

Now someone just needs to get his Ustream Account taken down!

UPDATE: Lambo_Weezy has returned to his original Twitter username, but has since removed any references to Davone Bess from his profile. Bookem Dan-O!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

How the Miami Dolphins Can Thwart Future Twitter Impostors

In light of the entire "Lambo_Weezy" saga, it has become clear that it is incredibly easy for someone to tarnish the good name of a popular player. All it takes is for a person to convince one REAL NFL Twitter personality that he is the real player, and the masses will follow suit. This was the case of Lambo_Weezy's Davone Bess charade.

These impostors can be dangerous as well seeing as how if they go on unchecked, they can do a lot of harm to a player's image as some of their Twitter impostor's statements begin to make the rounds on message boards, blogs, and even news outlets.

In the case of Lambo_Weezy, he challenged the real Chris Johnson to a foot race (claiming he now ran a 4.2, sending thousands of dolfans' hearts a-twitter) and displayed a brash persona at odds with the humble personality that the real Davone Bess displayed throughout his playing career.

But that wasn't the worst of it. The impostor was seen on his ustream chats asking users to find him women with which he could fornicate with, which would be a problem, seeing as how Davone Bess is married and has a young daughter. These kinds of antics have the possibility of harming players' personal relationships. To make matters worse, this impostor even appeared to be using recreational drugs, and one viewer I spoke with even claims he flashed a gun at one point to the camera. (This must have occured a few days ago, since during the ustream broadcast I tuned into for a sec two days ago, "Davone" claimed his web cam was broken.)

These kinds of things could turn into another Vontae Davis scenario quite easily. Even though Davone Bess wasn't mistaken as having committed a crime, he no doubt does not want to be associated with any of the activities that the impostor was doing in front of hundreds of fans using his name and likeness.

So how can the Dolphins go about thwarting such cases of Twitter identity theft in the future? I believe the only solution would be to put a list of verified Dolphin player Twitter accounts on miamidolphins.com for all to see. This would make it easy for fans to easily crosscheck whether or not the Tweeter they are interacting with is vouched for by the organization. Perhaps they could even set up some predetermined accounts for the players to use.

While the previous case of Twitter identity theft involving Chad Pennington was merely a (a sometimes humorous) nuisance, this latest Twitter impostor could have caused much larger problems for Davone since real players such as Chad Ochocinco, Chris Johnson, and Lendale White believed Lambo_Weezy to be the real Davone Bess. And, his actions, if they were indeed the real Davone Bess, likely would have resulted in some sort of disciplinary action or involvement from the team or league.

As this saga winds down, I again would like to thank all those involved in exposing the Twitter impostor.

And I sure am getting tired of writing about Twitter. I could go for some Twitter bird skeet shooting right about now...

Free Wallpaper: Dan Marino to Chris Chambers

Even though neither of these players play for the Miami Dolphins any longer, I figured this was still worth putting out there for you all to enjoy. I made it back in 2004. Free for anyone to use. Enjoy!



This will be my final Lambo_Weezy post except for the one where I report on Davone Bess' response to this whole thing, if there even is a response.

Let there be no doubt, Lambo_Weezy was a SCAM! A SHAM! AN IMPOSTOR!

He was a loser who had a passing resemblance to Davone Bess and used it to manipulate people and make his pathetic life feel a tad more exciting.

Even if the previous evidence wasn't enough to sway you, this new bit should.

Lambo_Weezy has officially changed his twitter account name to @Lambo_Weezy15. If he were indeed the REAL Davone Bess, he would have no need to change his account in order to get away from the bad press.

The charade is over. PLEASE pass this on so Lambo_Weezy15 can no longer continue to tarnish the good name of Davone Bess.

Bess is one of the most humble guys around. A man who does his talking on the field, not on a bogus twitter and ustream account. I just hope this Lambo_Weezy character didn't turn off any of Davone's fans through this scam.

Please RETWEET THIS. LETS SHUT DOWN Lambo_Weezy, Lambo_Weezy15, and whichever other account he changes his name to in the future.

UPDATE: He just changed his name to @Lambo_Weezywee. I am sure he will continue to keep changing it. Please just get the word out about this guy. Don't let any other people be fooled.

UPDATE #2: He is now known as @LamboWeezy


PS: Thank you to all the Tweeters out there who helped us expose Lambo_Weezy for the fraud he is. Hopefully Chris Johnson and Chad Ochocinco are no longer fooled by this clown.

Lambo_Weezy: Case Closed?

It looks like Lambo_Weezy is actually in Orange County. And not even Orange County, FLORIDA. The guy is in L.A. Just got this update from The Phinsider:

[Update by Matty I at 4:12 am] Just to add one more piece of evidence that really shouts that "Lambo_Weezy" is not Davone Bess, on June 1at 11:10 pm, the "fake Bess" tweets, "Mondrian is the best hotel in hollywood." Then on June 2 at 3:06 pm, he tweets, "Wat is everybody doing? talk to me I'm bored @ the hotel room thinkin bout goin to the Beverly center in a lil bit." The Beverly Center, by the way, is a mall in Los Angeles. Then at 5:02, this guy tweets about going to USC to play basketball. The problem with all this? Well, the Dolphins had an OTA on June 2 that was open to the media. And Omar Kelly tweets at 10:02 am on June 2, "Davone Bess paired with Ted Ginn as the starting WRs." Yeah - the real Davone Bess was in Florida practicing at the time. This just about seals the deal for me - though I'll wait for official confirmation. [end update]

Spread the word. There is basically no way he can explain this. On top of all the other evidence we have found to support that Lambo_Weezy is a fraud, including the fact that he refuses to take a picture of himself with a sign that reads his username, should confirm once and for all that Davone Bess has been the victim of nefarious doppelganger. Ochocinco, LenDale, and Chris Johnson also fell prey to the infamous Lambo. Hopefully they didn't loan him any money or anything.

Get the word out to @ChrisJohnson28, @OGOchoCinco, and @THEREAL_LENDALE that they are being played by a con artist posing as Miami Dolphins WR Davone Bess.

Google Images Confirms Lambo_Weezy Is An Impostor?

The proof is in the pudding. Or in this case, the Google Cache.

(Thanks go to Lord Of Miami at Finheaven for this find.)

This is a Google cache of Lambo_Weezy's Ustream account. It displays a picture that was originally associated with the account. As you can see, that is NOT Davone Bess. The evidence continues to mount. It is only a matter of time before Lambo_Weezy is exposed.

It was rather impressive that he managed to fool so many people, including Chad Ochocinco, LenDale White, and Chris Johnson into believing that he was the real Davone Bess.

All the while, the real Davone Bess was likely working out and staying in nights with his wife and young daughter while Lambo_Weezy was trying to scrub off his good name and tarnish his image.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

More Lambo_Weezy Investigation Updates

While this entire saga is still making me go...

I do have some updates to report.

First off, still no word from Lambo_Weezy himself. This would suggest to me that he is hiding, since he has been quite active of late. In fact, he tweeted "goodnight" last night at what would have been 6am EST.

Secondly, no response from LenDale White or Chris Johnson either. However, I do have some bits in regard to LenDale. It seems that the Twitter account that claims to be LenDale and interacted with Lambo_Weezy is legit as per these articles as refered to me by user @TRacsTitans31:



The ESPN article confirms Keith Bulluck's twitter account. From this account, Keith has interacted with ChrisJohnson28 which would make it appear that ChrisJohnson28 is Chris Johnson the RB from the Titans. And since ChrisJohnson28 routinely speaks the Lendale Twitter account I posted earlier, that would appear to make him legit as well.

So both the real Lendale and Chris Johnson appear to believe that Lambo_Weezy is the real Davone Bess.


Bdizzle93, a once staunch Lambo_Weezy believer, has now come to believe that the account is fake as well since his father, a diehard dolphin fan, found that the voice Lambo_Weezy was using sounded nothing like Davone Bess in interviews.

Bdizzle also stated that Lambo_Weezy was asking other Twitter users to pick up chicks for him. I highly doubt Davone Bess would have any trouble finding women.

But this leads to another issue. According to @808okiboy Davone Bess is married and had his first child a while back. If this is true, and Lambo_Weezy is really Davone Bess, he will have to answer to more than just the Tuna. I highly doubt a married man would flaunt his cheating ways all over Twitter seeing as how it is such a public forum.

Perhaps the best proof AGAINST Lambo_Weezy being the real Davone Bess is the following tweet I received:

rzayo24 @Finstache ...The account sent a tweet out at like 11:11am and 12:30pm on June 14th...Phins had practice. And 5am nite b4 a chat started
I made an attempt to verify this, but @Lambo_Weezy has now locked his updates to the outside world.

For now, it is still up in the air. But I am still leaning toward the side that Lambo_Weezy is a sham account trying, and somewhat succeeding, to profit off of Davone's fame.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: The guys over at The Phinsider were able to detail the descrepencies from when Lambo_Weezy was tweeting and Davone Bess was on the practice field. You can check out what they found HERE.

This is getting closer and closer to a cracked case, but we still won't know for sure until the real Davone Bess speaks out on the issue or his agent confirms or denies. I suppose there was always the offchance that Bess had his blackberry stashed in his jockstrap and tweeted in between running routes...

UPDATE #2: I received the following message from @TRUE_Sports which recollects something Lambo_Weezy tweeted about on June 24th...
Lambo_Weezy tweeted:
@boscovega **** im single now so i gotta party it up lol 10:57 PM Jun 24th

If someone could confirm or deny whether Davone was recently divorced, that would go a long way in solving the case.

Daily Dolphins Sig Pic - Ricky Hot & Cold

Ricky Williams is a beast in cold weather. Remember the epic Buffalo Beatdown in 2002?

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Miami Dolphins Sig Pic of the Day:
Ricky Hot & Cold

Ricky Williams,Miami Dolphins

The Curious Case of Lambo_Weezy

This Lambo_Weezy Twitter Saga is beginning to get as complicated as a David Lynch film. Most signs point to Lambo_Weezy being a Davone Bess impersonator, however, there are still some things that keep popping up which would tend to support the claim that Lambo_Weezy is indeed the real Davone.

This is where we stand so far:

A few days back Lambo_Weezy pops on the scene. His online persona is flamboyant and gaudy, almost the antithesis of the Davone Bess we have seen in interviews. He even was seemingly charging other people to make appearances at their clubs and parties.

He has held several live streaming chats with fans on Ustream.com at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/me-and-chillin. However, during these live broadcasts, there is only audio, no video. He claims his webcam is busted. I only listened in on a portion of the broadcast. At the time, I did think it sounded like Davone Bess from what I remembered from interviews. However, several posters from Finheaven, a popular Dolphins message board, found the broadcast to feature a personality that was out of character for the Davone they thought they knew. You can see their reaction here.

Anyway, Lambo_Weezy has several legit NFL tweeters convinced that he is the real Davone Bess. Chad Ochocinco @OGOchoCinco is a verified account, meaning, that it has been PROVEN that the real number 85 uses that account. When asked by several tweeters whether or not Lambo_Weezy was Davone Bess, he responded that it was.

My first interaction with Lambo_Weezy was when I tweeted him in regard to a typo. He had responded to another user's question about who was the most impressive rookie he faced in camp and Lambo_Weezy responded with "Steve Smith". At the time, I thought it just might have been a slip up, as he meant Sean Smith, but looking back, I think that was a clue as to the identity of Lambo_Weezy.

Today, I received a tweet from @Bryttani18 which linked me to some pictures on his personal TwitPic.com account. TwitPic is a place that allows you to store photos for use on Twitter. She stated that the photos didn't look like the Davone Bess she had seen in photos, and upon inspection, I concur.

When I confronted Lambo_Weezy on the issue, he promptly deleted the photos in question. Fortunately, @Bryttani18 had saved the photos and passed them along to me. That picture can be found here.

Obviously the photo is NOT of Davone Bess. However, Lambo_Weezy claims that a friend had used his phone to take a picture of himself and that is why it was on his TwitPic account.

I told him that the only way to prove that he was the real Davone Bess was to take a picture of himself holding a sign that read "Lambo_Weezy" under it. If he is indeed the real Davone Bess, this would be the easiest way to prove it. He responded that he would do so later. As of this time, he has not posted any such photo.

Since the photos got out into the Dolphin Twitter fan base, several people have come forth to help provide their assistance in uncovering the truth. @ThePhinsider put a call into Davone's agent, so we should have the answer once he hears back from him. Additionally, Ethan Skolnick of the Sun-Sentinel has picked up on the story. It won't be long until the truth regarding Lambo_Weezy surfaces.

During one of the broadcasts, several users stated that Lambo_Weezy had a conversation with LenDale White over the phone.

I received the following tweets from a Titans fan who seemed to confirm that LenDale did in fact speak with Davone, and that those accounts were confirmed by the Tennessean. He stated the following:

Ryan915 @Finstache and he said yeah it was.. LenDale and CJ's twitters are confirmed by the Tennessean too. I don't know what's going on here.
28 minutes ago from web

Ryan915 @Finstache If you read LenDale's updates he replied to what I asked he just didn't press reply. I asked if that was him on the phone
I have since tweeted both Lendale (@THEREAL_LENDALE) and Chris Johnson(@ChrisJohnson28), but have not yet received a response. However, I am even beginning to think that THESE accounts are fake. If it weren't for the fact that the Tennessean supposedly backed them up, I would lump them in with Lambo_Weezy.

My reasoning is as follows: All these accounts use photography that anyone could find simply by doing a google search. Most of the verified NFL tweeters such as Chad Johnson and Warren Sapp have used photos they have taken themselves from their camera phones, etc.

The fact that Chad Ochocinco vouched for Lambo_Weezy remains the most perplexing aspect of this whole saga.

In any case, the truth will surface shortly. There are too many people on this case for this charade to persist much longer.

Be sure to check back for more updates.

BTW, I kept imagining the hardcore TWITTER TRACKER voice from the Tonight Show while writing this story...

And of course be sure to follow the Twitter drama as it unfolds here: http://www.twitter.com/finstache.

@Lambo_Weezy NOT Davone Bess?

After I posted the last story regarding Twitter and its implications for the Parcells Regime, an intrepid tweeter by the name of @Bryttani18 linked me to a picture Lambo_Weezy had posted of himself on twitpic.com. While the person could pass for Davone Bess at a dark nightclub, mimmicking his signature dreads, it did not appear to me to be the same person. After I RTd the messaged to @Lambo_Weezy, the pictures mysteriously disappeared.

This, in conjunction with the fact that he never used video during his Ustream broadcasts, leads me to believe that in fact there is someone posing as Davone Bess on Twitter, and perhaps in real life. Lambo_Weezy responded to several requests to appear at clubs and parties by asking for money in return.

The one facet of this story that is still a bit of a mystery is the fact that the REAL Chad Ochocinco vouched for @Lambo_Weezy as the real Davone Bess. I tweeted him regarding the evidence we found as to his stolen identity, and am awaiting a response.

You can follow all the action at http://www.twitter.com/finstache

UPDATE: @Bryttani18 managed to save these images before they were deleted. Lambo_Weezy is Davone Bess? See for yourself! BUSTED!

UPDATE 2: @Lambo_Weezy direct messaged me with the following: "Lambo_WeezyMy friend used my phone with those pics, wat u did was not cool @ all if u seen all the pics the had difftent people on them"

I couldn't direct message him back, so I tweeted him back telling him he could resolve this issue by simply posting an image of himself holding a sign that read "Lambo_Weezy". I will keep you updated if he takes up the challenge.

UPDATE 3: He responded with "I will later". Keep posted.


How Long Before the Parcells Regime Puts a Gag on Dolphin Tweeters?

Twitter. By now, you have likely heard of it. By the name of it, you would think it was a hot new toy for toddlers, or a new female pop group, however, names can be deceiving. In actuality, Twitter is a communication platform so powerful that it has the potential to topple kingdoms.

Twitter has been gaining steam for months as a popular way for marketers to reach and interact with their customers, and for news outlets to get an instant pulse on the events of the day, the hour, the second, and the millisecond. Twitter is the world's largest focus group, chat room, news desk, and water cooler wrapped into one incredibly simplistic web platform.

Recently, the power of Twitter has even been harnessed for the first time to support an underground movement to defeat fascism and defend Democracy. Iranians have been using Twitter as a means to show the world the injustices they are facing in their land, even after the oppressive government has tried to shutdown all communication pathways to the outside world.

When Twitter isn't functioning as the Web 2.0 version of the Underground Railroad, it is often being used by fans to contact and interact with the subject of their fanatical idolatry. It seems that anyone that is anyone is twittering, tweeting, or twitting these days.

Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk for the cool kids!) has set up a micro virtual kingdom on Twitter, being one of the first celebrities to truly use the platform to its potential. When he isn't busy posting pictures of his MILF wife's ass for his adoring fans to see, he is retweeting messages concerning social causes, updating fans on his latest projects, and communicating with his fan base.

In recent weeks, we have seen an influx of sports stars enter the world of Twitter. Taking a cue from those who cover them, several well known sports stars have begun using Twitter as a means to reach their fans and further quench their indomitable egos. From Shaq (@The_Real_Shaq) to the NFL's chirpiest WRs Terrell Owens(@TerrellOwens81) and Chad Ochocinco (@OGOchoCinco), Twitter has become a virtual field for trash talking and excessive celebrations.

And best of all, there are no refs to take their fun away.

However, this wild west mentality might soon change.

Social networking sites have already landed several athletes from the sports world into steaming tar pits. A player at the University of Texas got busted for some racist remarks he made on his Facebook status last year. A little-known cornerback for the Philadelphia Eagles also got in a bit of a bind when a photo of himself chortling next to what he would have us believe was a tobacco bong and a line of sugar was posted on Facebook. Just prior to the NFL draft, there was a stir regarding an apparently racist Facebook group that several USC stars joined, but was since deemed to be an inside joke within the team. While several players managed to free themselves from the scorching social tar they found themselves in, others were buried under the pressure.

Twitter, unlike Facebook, poses an even bigger potential pitfall for players since their tweets are not only limited to their close friends. The entire world can read their tweets. From the embarrassing "Bout 2 take a dump." to the "I'm in the OC. Hit me up y'all!", its all there for every fan, reporter, and coach to see.

Be careful what you tweet, or it will be twittering its way onto the next SportsCenter broadcast. Twitter is one little birdie that can't be subdued.

While freedom of speech is the foundation of our Democracy and the right of every free human on the planet, it also poses a dilemma for coaches and organizations that hope to keep their secrets, issues, and strategies in-house.

The Miami Dolphins, under the stewardship of Bill Parcells, has been known for their less-than-democratic policies on the media. Loose lips sink ships, and the Tuna isn't too fond of the water, despite his namesake.

Parcells, Ireland, and Sparano do their best to control the messages and communications coming out of their complex. In the recent war of words between LB Channing Crowder and Rex Ryan, someone made it known that it was time to drop it because the usually talkative Crowder became mute as a mouse within days.

Now, the twittering menace is seeping into their complex like a bad infestation of termites - threatening to take down the restrictive media structure they have so painstakingly built. Yes, some Miami Dolphins have discovered Twitter and now have a direct line to the masses.

While rookie Sean Smith (@SeanSmith4) has mostly just been updating fans on how he is adjusting to the NFL and Miami, WR Davone Bess (@Lambo_Weezy) has taken a far different approach.

[UPDATE: Lambo_Weezy appears to be an imposter. I asked him to explain some pics on his TwitPic account and he removed them. Although the pics looked somewhat like Davone, it didn't look like the real Davone. However, he looked close enough that he probably fools people at clubs to think he is the real Davone. In any case, the gist of this story still holds. I will update this story again once I find out the true identity of Lambo_Weezy. Read about how TwitterNation busted the PHONY]

Davone pounced on the Twitter scene like he was orchestrating the Wildcat in Foxborough - pulling no punches. Yesterday, Lambo challenged Titans RB Chris Johnson (@ChrisJohnson28) to a foot race. The Dash of the duo formerly known as Smash & Dash took offense to this challenge, stating, and I RT (RT = ReTweeting which basically means Quote) "Feel insulted because somebody want to race me who ran a 4.64 i ran 4.24 do the math kill me."

Since this exchange, Lambo (Davone) has upped the stakes, saying that they should broadcast the race and the loser must shave their dreads off for charity. OGOchoCinco, the reigning king of NFL Twitterland, appeared to reach out to the NFL Network to air the duel.

But Davone took the social networking thing to the next level when he posted a link to a Ustream feed so that fans and twitter followers could hear him live. While Ustream generally allows video to stream as well, Davone for whatever reason did not make use of this feature, as only his voice could be heard during the broadcast.

Many Dolphin fans took to the message boards to debate whether Lambo_Weezy was the real Davone or not, since some of his antics seemed out of character for the reserved nature of his public persona. However, OGOchoCinco (The verified REAL Chad Ochocinco) seemed to confirm that @LamboWeezy was indeed the real Davone Bess.

A man has every right to spend their free time however they see fit as long as it falls within the realm of legality and social mores, but they must also act in a responsible way if they don't want the authority of their employer to whack them upside the head.

It is for this reason that platforms such as Twitter are so dangerous for young athletes and so threatening to tight lipped organizations such as the Dolphins.

As an organization, the Miami Dolphins regulate the amount of interaction their players have with the media and with fans. However, Twitter bypasses this control. Through Twitter, players can communicate directly with local reporters, rival players, and fans in Ohio with the click of a button.

How long will the Parcells Regime continue to live with this social infestation in their house before they begin to clean it up? They will likely try to reign it in soon before more players start jumping on the Twitter-wagon.

However, on a broader note, does an organization have the right or the power to control how their employees leverage these new social technologies?

Or is it their duty as leaders of their organization to keep things like Twitter from toppling their kingdom too?

Until we tweet again, this is @Finstache signing off.


Daily Dolphins Sig Pic - Ronnie Brown Feature Back

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ronnie brown,miami dolphins

Catch of the Week: Fox/Dolphin Hybrid

Introducing a new feature on Finstache. Every weekend I will post my catch of the week! A little Fin & Ass for the weekend!

Our first FINTASSTIC babe is none other than Megan Fox, the Transformers hottie who has led to the transformation of millions of body parts across the world. Even with a deformed dorsal fin sticking out of her back, she is still the sexiest creature on two feet. Enjoy!

For more babes with Miami Dolphins info, check out FinsNation. Got to give them some cred for the inspiration.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Miami Dolphins on Twitter

While it may have one of the least masculine names ever associated with a communication device, many football players have taken to the social networking phenomenon in order to interact with fans and each other.

Some members of the Miami Dolphins have even joined the Twitter Revolution.

Miami Dolphins Players on Twitter Include:

Brandon London

Sean Smith

Matt Roth

I will update this list once I find more players on Twitter. Let me know if you find any more so I can add them on.

A user by the name of Lambo_Weezy convinced several people that he was Davone Bess, but he turned out to be a hoax. Davone Bess is now looking to press charges.

Introducing the Finstache Youtube Channel!

Yes, it is finally here! The Finstache Youtube Channel - soon to be filled with unique Miami Dolphins insight and analysis from yours truly.

In the meantime, I am putting together some playlists of the best Miami Dolphins videos on the youtubes. Please subscribe so you won't miss out on any of the fun!

Daily Dolphins Sig Pic - No Name Defense

An homage to the stellar defense of the early 1970s Miami Dolphins defense. The members of No Name Defense never got the recognition they deserved, but they were an integral part of the the Perfect Season. Honor them with this sig pic.

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No Name Defense

ZERO Dolphins in Prisco's TOP 50

In CBS Sports Pete Prisco's annual selection of the top 50 players in the NFL, he again neglected to place a single Miami Dolphins player on the list. Well, at least he knows we will all hate him for it as he placed a disclaimer in the opening paragraph of the article. Good looking out, Pete! But, that's how it works in the media... Create a controversial list of top whatever-the-****s, omit good players from teams with huge fan bases, and watch thousands of fools like me link to the article in outrage and receive oodles of free traffic! Prisco's got the formula down!

In any case, some Dolphins DID make it as "runner-ups". Joey Porter and Jake Long both just fell short of making the highly esteemed list.

So which Dolphins players ARE worthy of being considered a TOP 50 player in the NFL in 2009?


  • Chad Pennington
    Chad Pennington might just have the biggest brain of any QB in the NFL. Unfortunately, he might also have the smallest arm. No, it's not like he has a gimpy raptor-like deformed arm. It's just that he doesn't have that arm strength that allows guys like Manning and Brady to sling the ball for 50 yards on a rope with consistency. In any case, his mental prowess and immense leadership skills helped elevate the play of the entire Miami Dolphins offense in 08, and figures to do the same in 09.
  • Ronnie Brown
    Did you hear? He once scored five touchdowns in a single game! And this wasn't at Polk High either (Sorry Al Bundy)... He did it against the "dynasty" New England Patriots. Ronnie Brown sprung the Wildcat on them and mauled them into submission in week 3 of the 2008 season. His unique skill set made the Wildcat a smashing success, but many people seem to forget his stellar performances prior to 2008.

    In 2007, while the Dolphins were making their epic run at infamy, Ronnie Brown was tearing up the league, on way to an assured Pro Bowl berth, when unfortunately he ended up tearing up his knee instead. Now a year removed from ACL surgery, Ronnie should once again dominate the AFC East and the NFL in 2009.
  • Joey Porter
    In 2008, Joey Porter finally lived up to his monstrous contract by posting some monstrous stats and contributing to some key victories along the way. Joey was back in a system that suited his style of play, and it showed. Porter finished the season with 47 tackles, 4 forced fumbles, and 17.5 sacks. Some of those sacks, such as the one against San Fransisco in the waning moments of the game, helped seal the victory. His fiery attitude and leadership style also added a bit of nastiness and fierceness to the defense that was sorely lacking in previous years.

    Porter looks to build upon his stellar 2008 performance and once again harass opposing QBs. Along with Jason Taylor, Porter looks to show that the poor performance by the sackmaster duo in 2007 was a fluke brought about by inept coaching. In 2009, they hope to finally fulfill the dreams and visions that many Dolfans had of J-Peezy and JT ravaging QBs across the league.
  • Jake Long
    "The Pillar of Defense", as I like to refer to him after Jeff Ireland's pre-draft freudian slip, was a critical element in the success of the Dolphins' 2008 offense. Jake Long might as well have been a real pillar entrenched in the ground because opposing defenders rarely were able to garner enough leverage to move him. He may have let up a sack or two, but I don't recall any. His hard work as Chad Pennington's personal bodyguard paid off in the form of a Pro Bowl selection in his first year of service. Given the amount of hard work Jake puts into learning his craft and honing his statuesque body, I don't see Jake's Pro Bowl level of play dropping any time soon.
Will 2009 bring any new Dolphins into the realm of the Top 50? What are your thoughts, Dolfans?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

WR Brandon London Modeling His Way Out of Miami?

In a new article at the Sun-Sentinel, Mike Berardino delves into WR Brandon London's career as a part-time model.

Quick Brandon, strike a pose!

Oop... Wrong pose if you want to make this team buddy... You saw what happened when the imperial Tuna caught wind of Jason Taylor's metrosexual part-time gig. He got the boot and he was a year removed from NFL Defensive Player of the Year! As a borderline 4th WR and Special Teams Player, Brandon should be devoting all his time to honing his craft on the field if he doesn't want to be the latest victim of the ruthless Parcells regime.

All this being said, London will likely stick. I still remember the hustle he showed during the horrific Baltimore meltdown last year in the playoffs when he ran down Ed Reed for almost 50 or 60 yards after one of his multiple INTs to knock the ball out of Reed's hands. Unfortunately, he only knocked the ball out after Ed Reed was a yard past the endzone. However, He displayed heart by never giving up on the play.

I have a feeling Parcells & Sparano noted that inspired play of determination as well. For now though, if he truly wants to remain a part of the Miami Dolphins, London needs to show his skills on the field, not on the catwalk.

Daily Dolphins Sig Pic - Jason Taylor Terror - 06.19.09

Jason Taylor has been terrorizing defenses for years. Now he is back to do it again! Wear this Jason Taylor Miami Dolphins sig pic to support JT on his mission to reclaim his title of sackmaster and decimate the AFC East in 2009!

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Jason Taylor,Miami Dolphins

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vontae Davis Arrested After Warping the Spacetime Continuum

It's June 9th as the sun begins to set over Champaign, Illinois. The faint sounds of birds chirping in the distance, leaves rustling in the brisk Midwestern breeze, and the hypnotizing "whoosh" of far-off traffic cascade through the streets on this beautiful early summer's night. All's well in Champaign.

Suddenly, an insidious reverberation pierces the eardrums of nearby pedestrians.

Weee-O-Weee-O-Weee Wee-O-Weee-O-Weee Wee-O-Weee-O-Weee-O-Weee

Onlookers fall to their knees in despair. A great thunderous tremble accompanies the shrieking sound. A tornado? An Earthquake? A herd of raging rhinos? In Champaign? Couldn't possibly be...

Weee-O-Weee-O-Weee Wee-O-Weee-O-Weee Wee-O-Weee-O-Weee-O-Weee

Passers-by search frantically for the source of the horrific sound. Over the horizon, the sum of all their fears is realized. An SUV with 20 inch rims comes into focus. The cacophony being emitted from the monstrous vehicle sets off nearby car alarms and shatters windshields and tympanic membranes. Lil Wayne continues his musical onslaught upon the innocent bystanders.

Weee-O-Weee-O-Weee (Yea)
And I know she the law, and she know I'm the boss
And she know I can hide a-bove the law
And she know I'm raw, she know it from the street
And all she want me to do is **** the police
Talkin' bout...

Perched behind the wheel - flat-brimmed hat slightly off-kilter - sits Vontae Davis, former superstar of the Fighting Illini and promising young rookie of the Miami Dolphins. Pedestrians look on in horror as Vontae unleashes the full power of his subwoofers upon their feeble ears. The pounding bass causes bystanders to shake violently in rhythm - as if shaken by some giant, invisible maraca player. A small dog does back flips involuntarily.

Vontae looks on, unabashed, bouncing his head up and down to the stylings of Mr. Wayne.
Another sound enters the spectrum of sonorous insanity. It is barely audible through the super-sonic wall of sound surrounding the SUV, but this sound is accompanied by flashing lights. Victims stand dazed, wondering to themselves if they had unwittingly ingested hallucinogens and are, in fact, standing on a dance floor.

Weee-O-Weee-O-Weee Wee-O-Weee-O-Weee Wee-O-Weee-O-Weee-O-Weee

The sounds, mercifully, come to an end. Salvation had arrived and it was clad in blue.
After several minutes of Vontae Davis trying to justify his reprehensible behavior to one of Champaign's finest, justice is finally served. Vontae Davis is arrested for driving without a valid license and unnecessary vehicular noise.

Simultaneously, 1,262 miles away, Vontae Davis is in the locker room of the Dolphins' Training Facility in Davie, Florida preparing to head home after a long day of running drills during OTAs.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to enter the Twilight Zone.


There can be only one conclusion; Vontae Davis has managed to accomplish the seemingly impossible. He has broken the barriers of time and space.

Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to figuring out how Davis managed to pull off something of this magnitude. It may never be given any satisfactory answer. Scientists will surely examine this case with great curiosity, but they will fail to find any suitable conclusion as to how Vontae Davis managed to be in two places at once. This figures to remain an enduring mystery that will continue to baffle even the most brilliant of minds for years to come.

Even though I cannot hope to conjure up the amount of mental power necessary to tackle this problem satisfactorily, I will put forth my best theories nonetheless.


Vontae is naturally gifted, that much is evident. However, he could be hiding the true extent of his natural gifts. There have long been rumors of men born with incredible powers. Through the years, some have even been captured and exploited for monetary gain by circuses and reality tv shows. The street magician known as David Blaine is rumored to be one such case.

This being the case, it is reasonable to assume that Vontae only uses a portion of his powers on the field as to not draw attention to himself, lest he be captured and studied in some lab by prodding scientists wishing to unlock the genetic code behind his powers. Even using but a percentage of his powers, he has been able to outperform even the most talented of athletes. If he is a mutant, he may have been born with a power which gives him the ability to travel at incredible rates of speed or teleport great distances.

Such powers would give him more than enough time to travel from South Florida to Illinois and back in a span of a few hours. However, this would not explain how the Illinois Police Department had another Vontae Davis in custody at the same time that he was in Florida.

My theory: Using his super-speed or teleportation powers, he managed to decrease his mass and slip through the bars of his jail cell, print a life-sized cardboard cut-out of himself at a local Kinkos, and place the cut-out back in his jail cell and escape to Florida undetected.

If Vontae is indeed a super-powered mutant, the Miami Dolphins got a steal with the 25th pick in the 2009 NFL Draft.


GREAT SCOTT! Vontae may have done it. He may have successfully invented the first vehicle capable of traveling through space-time. Kudos to the University of Illinois Physics Department. That "Intro to Physics" class looks like it paid off... BIG TIME!

How did Vontae do it? It could be in the sub-woofers... Perhaps the sub-woofers emit a frequency so powerful that it creates a wormhole, thus allowing Vontae to drive his SUV through two points in the space-time continuum, coming out on the other end at a different place and time.

Perhaps, upon heading home from workouts in Davie, Vontae decided to cruise down A1A to unwind a little. However, upon reaching South Beach, he was confronted by a massive traffic jam. Vontae, undaunted, decided to do some cruising at his old stomping grounds, cranked up the juice, and off he went to Champaign.

Perhaps, this was actually a Vontae Davis from an alternate dimension! That would explain the two Vontaes. The Vontae Davis in the jail cell in Illinois was actually a time-traveling Vontae from an alternate universe.

It has been postulated by physicists that there may be an infinite number of universes with an infinite number of possibilities existing parallel to each other. Perhaps, one such alternate dimension, Vontae Davis being a superstar physicist at the University of Illinois, instead of a superstar defensive back, modified his SUV to travel through time, and ended up in Champaign on another plane of existence.

Unfortunately for Bizarro Vontae, it appears that time-travel is excessively noisy, and thus, against the law in our Universe.


NFL scouts and amateur NFL draft analysts have long noted that Vontae Davis has the physique of a god. However, none of them might have realized how truly on the mark their observations might have been until now.

Gods are not constrained by the limits of time and space. Perhaps, like the Greek God Zeus, Vontae is actually a divine entity who has come down from the heavens and taken human form in order to embarass feeble mortals with his immense athletic prowess and copulate with copious amounts of women.

Being the supreme talent evaluator that he is, Bill Parcells might have somehow clued in on the divinity of Vontae Davis. Afterall, Vontae shares a similar ferocious style of play which was first demonstrated by the demigod Lawrence Taylor. Perhaps, Bill Parcells himself is the incarnation of an all-powerful, all-knowing god. That would certainly explain his astounding ability to turn feces into gold.

The gods are amongst us, and they are here to judge us in the form of professional athletes. Think twice before you foolishly accuse another one of steroid use, lest you feel the wrath of the gods above.

If Vontae is a god, he likely split himself in two, creating a clone of himself to occupy the jail cell in Illinois, as he ventured back down south to participate at Dolphins camp the following morning.


While we could theorize for days as to how Vontae Davis could accomplish this miraculous feat, we, unlike Vontae, are slaves to time. Time only goes one way for us - quickly forward and unconcerned with our plight. As such, we must move on from this issue, even as we look back in wonder.

Although, thinking back on it now, some punk could have snagged Vontae Davis' wallet a few months back and impersonated him when he got pulled over for a noise violation. The Illinois Policie Department could have failed to notice the fraudulent act of identity theft and posted it on their website. Following this blunder, several newspaper journalists in a wild craze to break some news before their competitors beat them to it might have reported that the real Vontae Davis of the Miami Dolphins was arrested without doing their due dilligence.

Nah... That's just too unbelievable...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Daily Dolphins Sig Pic - What Can Ronnie Brown Do For You? - 06.19.09

It is my goal to provide you - the Miami Dolphins faithful - with some unique and high quality Miami Dolphins forum signature pics for use on dens of intense Miami Dolphins conversation , colloquially known as Miami Dolphins forums - most notably, FinHeaven.com and ThePhins.com.

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What Can Ronnie Brown Do For You

The Dolphins Roundup - 06.19.09

The latest news and insight from the 3 most prominent sources of Dolphins intel: The Palm Beach Post, The Miami Herald, and the Sun-Sentinel. Please excuse the occasional quasi-witty or faux-witty remark.

Palm Beach Post Headlines
Sun-Sentinel Headlines
Miami Herald Headlines
In typical Herald fashion, there is no actual Dolphins news to be found today, but instead a huge picture of a hot chick to distract all their male readers into believing they actually have content worth a damn. (Hmm... I could learn a thing or two from them)

Thursday, June 18, 2009


This is a blog dedicated to all things Miami Dolphins and the NFL. You may ask, "Why the mustache theme? How could you desecrate the sanctity of the Miami Dolphins logo with such an abomination!?"

The reason is simple. NOTHING symbolizes grit, toughness, and unwavering determination like a a hearty bushel of masculinity above a man's upper lip.

You need only ask the hundreds of vanquished Dolphins' foes over the years to get a clear sense of the true power of the stache. Whether it was the menace lurking in the shadows of Csonka's facemask as he demolished any man who dared step into his path, or the gigantic caterpillar of death which perched upon Kim Bokamper's lip daring opponents to cross the line and feel the wrath of the Killer B's, or Tony Sparano's wiseguy follicles beckoning the rivals to sleep with the fishes, the mustache has struck fear into the hearts of countless men who have faced the Dolphins for it was a harbinger of their impending doom.

Even lesser men have called upon the mustache to give them strength, even if it failed. Who could forget Dave Wannstedt's crooked stache which tried so desperately to prop up the weakness of the man who had grown it. In fact, the mustache was the only thing which gave him even an ounce of credibility. Without it, he would have been Cam Cameron.

OK, enough about mustaches. As the season approaches, I hope to give you a unique look at things going on with the Miami Dolphins and around the NFL.