Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"Fire Sparano!"

This is a message to the "Fire Sparano" crowd...

Do you go to your boss and ask to be fired every time you have a bad day of work? If not, get off it. Do you realize the Miami Dolphins' loss to the Buffalo Bills was the FIRST time the Dolphins have lost to an obviously inferior team under his stewardship? Yes, in 27 tries, this was the first time you can honestly say his decisions and his coaching was responsible for his team's loss to a crappy team. Yet you want him fired?

Do you realize how many hall of fame coaches have lost to inferior teams during their career? You can look no further than next week's opponent. Yes, even the hallowed Bill Belichick has suffered the indignation of getting beatdown by an inferior opponent. One of those losses even came against our craphole of team back in 2004. AJ FREAKING FEELEY beat his SUPERBOWL TEAM on NATIONAL TELEVISION. Sound the alarms! FIRE BELICHICK!

Could you imagine what would have become of the Patriots under Belichick, the Steelers under Cowher, or the Giants under Coughlin if the owners followed the advice of toolbag fans each time they had a poor performance? They wouldn't have Superbowl rings, that's for sure.

Go down the list, EVERY Superbowl winning coach has had some stinkers of games. Belichick has had plenty, even during his dynasty years... Buffalo in 2003, Miami in 2004. Cowher was notorious for choking in the playoffs. Coughlin was on his last legs before the 2007 SB winning season.

What do all of these teams have in common?


Patience is apparently a virtue long forgotten by NFL fans, but it is still essential for the success of a franchise. Developing a championship team is still a process. It's not instant oatmeal.

This same team is two years removed from ONE and frickin-frackin FIFTEEN. Do you expect the Lions to win a Superbowl next year? If not, why in the hell would you expect the Dolphins to win one this year? Yes, we all want this to happen, but most of us realize we still need more talent to have it all come together.

Another thing you must take into account is that this team is essentially a M*A*S*H unit at this point... FIVE of the most important players are out for the SEASON. You would have to be delusional to believe an already flawed team would be blowing teams out of the water with a roster missing its centerpieces...

Now, if you must still chant from the rooftops  "Fire Sparano! Fire Sparano!", please share with us your brilliant strategy of replacing him with a coach that DOESN'T put up a stinker every once in a while and will have the Dolphins winning Superbowls in Year One. I'm all ears.

Monday, October 26, 2009

In Honor of Ted Ginn

I will continue to post this image of Ted Ginn every week until he doesn't fuck up... So basically, for the rest of the season.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

BIG PICTURE: Dolphins Built for 2010

After every loss, we Dolphin fans begin to feel like the Balloon Boy hiding in the basement as the season floats away - waiting for the embarrassing spectacle to cease. Like little Falcon Heene, some might vomit in disgust. Twice. On national television - all over one of Stephen Ross's newest celebrity owners. However, It is important to remember that nothing is ever as bad as it seems after a loss. And nothing is ever as good as it seems after a win.

The truth is, this team wasn't designed to make a huge playoff push this season. Yes, we all had high hopes coming off one of the best turnaround seasons in NFL history, but the original plan did not include a Super Bowl run this soon after the mess that was inherited. The original plan consisted of earning the title of "Contender" in 2010, not 2009. From much of what the team has displayed this season, it surely feels like they are on the way to accomplishing just that.

As evidenced by the losses this season, the Dolphins are not yet ready to hang with the elite. However, they are pretty damn close. A few Ted Ginn bobbled non-catches close. When you examine the tape, the 2-4 Dolphins were probably the most difficult wins for two currently undefeated teams.

Remember, Bill Parcells even mentioned during the offseason that the 2009 Dolphins would be better than 2008's squad, but would likely have a worse record. I think we all braced ourselves for that reality prior to the season, but of course, with every win and loss our perspective of expectations change. In all likelihood, this is a 7-9, 8-8 or 9-7 team with the schedule that they were handed.

However, all is not lost for this season. If the Dolphins manage to win the next two games - gargantuan divisional games - they have a real good shot at the playoffs. Even if they do get in, don't expect much. This team isn't ready yet.

Thank you Captain Obvious!

Good news? The plan is being fulfilled. Most of the major pieces that were needed during the post-Cameron overhaul of the Dolphins have been filled, and with a year of seasoning, they should be in prime position for a dominant season in 2010.

There are only a few pieces that need to be added in order for this to be accomplished, and most are glaringly obvious.

  • A Starting Wide Receiver (that has hands, or some appendages capable of holding onto an oval object)
  • A Safety (that can tackleand not get abused by Tight Ends)
  • A pass catching TE (that doesn't fumble incessantly)
  • An Inside Linebacker (that can actually touch the football once in his lifetime and that can cover a Tight End)
  • A Nose Tackle (to take over for Big Ferg)

Other than those positions listed above, only depth is truly needed to complete the team. With a very deep draft, this list can quite easily be fulfilled.

Even without the upgrades, there should be some addition by subtraction. You must consider that a Dolphins team without Ted Ginn on the roster is good for at least two more wins a year.

So, Dolphin fans, before you try to run the best thing to happen to this franchise since Shula out of town, please consider the plan and take note of the positive direction the team is taking toward fulfilling the plan.

As for this season?


And enjoy the ride...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fins Bits: Carolina Panthers @ Miami Dolphins | Preseason Week 2

Talk of plagues, sporadic storms, fallen heroes and muffed punts made tonight's game a most apocalyptic affair. Thankfully, the second coming of the Wildcat staved off the locusts. Overall, it was a pretty decent showing for the Dolphins. Both the first team offense and defense looked solid. Even their understudies looked sharp. However, the special teams unit appeared to be the antithesis of its name.

Quick Hits:

The Second Coming
The wildcat is back to its old tricks. A year later, and the same old "gimmick" plays still appear to be as effective as ever - during preseason at least. As Bob Griese pointed out, the Dolphins reenacted a highlight reel of last year's most successful wildcat plays. There are sure to be some new 'Cat plays in the bag just waiting to be released once the games count for real. Now, can they gain more than -2 yards against a fast, heavy pressure defense like the Ravens? That's the real question.

The Fall of Return Man
Chris Williams went from hero to zero. When your only gig on the team is to catch kicks and run with them, it doesn't bode well for your job prospects when you try to catch the ball with your face mask. Williams muffed, Sparano got miffed, and for that, he may get whacked.

I think Williams has some talent as a returner. He definitely has the quickness and moves to weave his way through the chaos, but the most important aspect of the position is to ensure that the ball never ends up in the opponent's hands. Unfortunately for Williams, he failed on that count. Williams has muffed the ball in each of his preseason auditions. He might be receiving the Eric Green treatment soon to send yet another message to the team.

I'm not sure if quarterbacks get to listen to music through the fancy radio equipment in their helmets, but tonight the Carolina Panthers' QBs could hear Freddie Mercury blaring through their head set loud and clear. UNDER PRESSURE! While there may not have been any sacks listed on the stat sheet, the dolphins were applying heavy pressure throughout the game causing the Panthers to make errant throws on several occasions. Jason Taylor, Channing Crowder, Joey Porter, Cameron Wake, Phillip Merling, Quentin Moses, Jason Ferguson and others were constantly in the backfield.

Vontae's Redemption
Looks like Vontae Davis and Chris Williams have been playing on the preseason see-saw. Gravity was kinder to Davis on this night. Davis recovered from a mistake-prone showing last Monday to redeem himself and show the promise that everyone expected of him. He made several solid one-on-one tackles on receivers in the flat and he covered his man well, not giving up any large gains that I recall. In Sean Smith's absence, Davis was able to possibly gain some ground on the competition for the starting spot. However, at this juncture, Smith still has the edge in the competition in my opinion.

BTW, Mr. Griese, with all due respect, let the kid celebrate his success. Griese was beginning to sound like Dennis the Menace's neighbor out there. As long as Davis isn't starting a Conga line and hiding Landshark beers in his pants to chug after each play, I am cool with a little bit of enthusiasm from the rookie.

Wide Receivers Immune to Swine Flu?
The cornerbacks should hang out with the wide receivers more often... Because they can't catch a cold! Ba Dum Dum! Ok, my jokes suck. But so did the receivers tonight. Almost every receiver had a drop - even the sure-handed Davone Bess. In fact, the running backs were the best pass catchers on the field. This unit has a lot of work to do this week.

Ronnie Brown Getting in Gear
Ronnie Brown looked in mid-season form. He was carving up the Panthers defense out of traditional formations and got some good work in orchestrating his patented wildcat offense. He also made a beauty of a reception and punched it in for the only touchdown of the Chad Pennington-led Dolphins. I am excited to see what Ronnie can do in his second year of this system. I just hope the front office locks him up for a few more years.

Tyrannosaurus Lex
Like the giant reptiles that once roamed in his home of Montana, Lex Hilliard was a force to be reckoned with. The former Montana Grizzly showed a surprising combination of grit, power and speed that could make it difficult for the Dolphins to stash him on the practice squad for the second year in a row. There will be some tough decisions to make in a few weeks. If Hilliard continues to impress, the Dolphins may opt to keep four running backs on the roster. Considering the fact that the Dolphins are a run-heavy team, especially with their wildcat packages, it may be in their best interests to keep the young back on the squad in favor of a sixth wide receiver.

Chad Henne Passed the Test
Coach Sparano swapped Pat White and Chad Henne to see if Henne could close out a game. Henne not only secured the victory, he did it in a precise and efficient manner that would make Chad Pennington proud. He wasn't perfect, putting two balls on the ground (which were thankfully recovered by Dolphins), but he lead the team down the field for several scoring drives throughout the second half. He picked apart the field in the same surgical manner that Dr. Pennington often does. There is still definitely some work to do, especially that quarterback/center exchange, but Henne looks very comfortable in the offense and should function efficiently should the Dolphins need his services at any point this season.

Next Week: @ Tampa Bay

Dolphins Out with the Swine Flu?

Reports out of Miami say that cornerbacks Sean Smith and Jason Allen will miss tonight's game due to illness and are currently undergoing tests to see if they have a case of the Swine Flu. However, Smith's agent stated that these rumors are incorrect and that his client is simply ill - like every day stomach flu ill, not the Porky Pig variety.

Whatever the case may be, this illness has left the remaining players in the secondary to re-enact a small scale version of Stephen King's The Stand. Now it is a matter of seeing if they will follow the light or succumb to the darkness.

UPDATE: Already, members of the media are suggesting that fans not attend practices or games out of fear of contracting the infamous Swine Flu. Hysteria or prudence? I vote hysteria. But then again, perhaps I will live to regret that when my neck swells up to the size of a tree trunk and I choke to death on my own mucus...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Catch of the Week: Sean Smith & Sexy Dolphins Fans

Now that the season is finally here, it is time to bring back one of our most popular features. Every week we will bring you the most spectacular catch of the game and and sexy gal for no particular reason. Shamelessly gratuitous eye candy.

The first "Catch of the Week" was to feature rookie Sean Smith's beautiful interception against the Jaguars, but sadly, I could not find a single video of that particular play. So instead, a video of one of Smith's most memorable collegiate interceptions will have to suffice. In addition, you will see an exclusive clip of a Miami Dolphins owner performing a scintillating quasi-striptease.

Below are some of the hottest Miami Dolphins fans found on the internet:

Eric Green Hits the Unemployment Line

When I mentioned in the preview of the Jags game that whoever made Troy "No Hands" Williamson look good was facing a demotion, I never dreamed that they may also be out of a job. But that is precisely what happened. Only two days after making one of the worst wide receivers in the league look like an all-pro, Eric Green was sent to the unemployment line.

The move is surprising in the sense Green was one of the bigger free agent acquisitions that the Dolphins made this year and they were so quick to dismiss him. Contrast that with last year's handling of Ernest Wilford whom they brought on to start at wide receiver and barely played a snap all year. In Wilford's case, it was evident he wouldn't be a big contributor to the team early on, however, he stuck anyway. Perhaps the investment in Wilford was simply too large to afford cutting him. Not so with Green, who was unceremoniously released following a single poor showing in the preseason.

The timing is curious. Why the hurry to cut a player at a position with seemingly so little depth? In my opinion, it was a move to send a message. Green played a terrible game against Jacksonville, allowing Williamson to make several big gains. Even the much-maligned Jason Allen performed better than him. With this move, Sparano sent every under-performing player on the squad an alarming message...

"Eric Green sleeps with the fish?"


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

HIGHLIGHTS: Jacksonville Jaguars @ Miami Dolphins Preseason Week 1

The debut of FinsFTWTV. Some highlights from last night's game. Check it.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Join the Fins FTW Fantasy Football League

This cute little guy will cry if you don't...

You wouldn't want him to cry now would you? Heartless bastard...
Learn how to join HERE

Fins Bits: Jaguars @ Dolphins

The first faux game of the season is in the books and the Dolphins have a lot of work ahead of them. Even though they did have some success on the field and came away with a much coveted W, there was still plenty of slop on the field - and I'm not just talking about the pig pen formerly known as the Marlin's infield.

I will have some more in depth analysis later in the week, but for now, these little nuggets will have to suffice.

Quick Hits:
  • Ricky was looking like Rikki-Tikki-Tavi out there slithering through defenders. Yoga does a body good.
  • I have a feeling that millions of Dolphins fans will suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder following the aural assault that will be unleashed upon them throughout the season... Fins to the left, Fins to the right... Its been ONE game and I am almost going mad with this tune bouncing around my cranium. Throw in an auto-tuned version of one of the hokiest songs of all time, and its enough to drive any sane man absolutely bat**** crazy.
  • Fear the Reaper... and the Redzone too. The Dolphins killed a few impressive drives with stupidity, miscues, and missed opportunities. You know Sparano won't stand for this kind of crap in such a crucial situation. Look for a ton of redzone work as they prepare for the Panthers next Saturday.
  • Sean Smith, Mr. Fantastic. My pick for NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year. Ya, it is probably the homer in me talking, but this guy looks good. He looked like the intended receiver during his picturesque pick in the endzone. One thing is for sure - he has put a super-sized stranglehold on the starting cornerback spot opposite Will Allen. It will take some pretty crummy performances going forward for him to lose it now.
  • Chris Williams looked Looney Tunes out there on special teams. Roadrunner. Speedy Gonzalez. Take your pick. Anything but Pepe Le Pew - well, maybe in the first quarter, but he got it going pretty smoothly after a few hiccups there. Kid's got wheels. But does he have enough to stick on as WR given the competition? Which brings me to...
  • The wide receiver competition is going to resemble an all-out MMA brawl pretty soon as guys near the bottom half begin to scramble for their lives. There will probably only be 5 spots for receivers on this roster. Ted Ginn, Davone Bess and Greg Camarillo should be safe. But that leaves Patrick Turner, Brian Hartline, Chris Williams and Brandon London battling out for the last two spots. That's some tough competition as each of them has been showing a lot of promise throughout camp and during the Jags game.
  • Ernest Wilford goes to... the Endzone? Yes, it happened. Your eyes did not deceive you. Bad news? ITS FARKING PRESEASON! Don't expect this to save his job...
  • Not bad, Chad Henne. He put together some nice little drives in there, although he did make his share of dumb plays too. But overall, he looked a lot more poised, even by preseason standards, than some of the turds the Dolphins have trotted out there in years past.
  • Pat White needs to bulk up. While he is as quick as a cat, he is as scrawny as one too. Like Mr. Bigglesworth of Austin Powers' fame scrawny... He will have to add a few pounds of muscle to that frame if he ever hopes to become a viable NFL quarterback.
Overall, it was a decent first showing from the defending AFC East champs. Now, they must work on cleaning up some of their sloppy penalties and improve upon the strides they made in this game for their next faux matchup against the Carolina Panthers on Saturday.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

FREE Wallpaper: Jason Taylor

Commemorate Jason Taylor's return to the Miami Dolphins by using this free Miami Dolphins Jason Taylor Wallpaper.

DOWNLOAD 1440 x 900 Jason Taylor Desktop Schedule
DOWNLOAD 1440 x 900 Jason Taylor Wallpaper
DOWNLOAD Jason Taylor Sig Pic

Fins Watch: 3 Things to Keep an Eye On Vs. Jaguars Preseason Week 1

As the Dolphins take the field for the first time in 7 months and 13 days (Hmm, any significance in those numbers, superstitious fans?), there are several story lines and positions worth monitoring as they gear up for the for-real games starting September 10th in Atlanta.

#1: Which player will rise up to claim the starting cornerback position opposite Will Allen?

Head Coach Tony Sparano has made it no secret that the "So You Think You Can Start?" sweepstakes is about to make its television debut and features a battle between highly-drafted rookies Vontae Davis, Sean Smith and veteran free agent acquisition Eric Green.

Unlike a largely scripted reality TV show, this competition will be won simply by the man who makes the most plays on the field and in camp during the next several weeks. The competition begins in earnest tomorrow night when each player will be given the opportunity to show their wares against opponents in a live game situation for the first time.

Outside of veteran Torry Holt, the Jags don't have many receiving weapons, unless you consider Troy "No Hands" Williamson a receiving threat, which this video surely proves otherwise. So this should not be much of a test for the trio of CB contestants.

If any of them allow for a big play by catch-challenged Williamson, they will face humiliation at the hands of a despondent British has-been on the judging panel. Wait, wrong show. They will feel the wrath of someone much more fearsome - Coach Tony Sparano. And likely a demotion as well.

#2: Is there depth at Nose Tackle?

In my opinion, this position holds the key to the entire season. If Jason Ferguson can remain healthy and effective, the defensive unit should be able to improve from last year's largely impressive performance to become one of the league's best. However, if anything should happen to Big Ferg, and no man is able to fill his massive shoes, the Dolphins defense could turn into leaky spaghetti strainer overnight.

The only insurance policy that the Dolphins really have on the dogged old vet is one of the last remaining artifacts of the Cam Cameron regime - Paul Soliai. At 6'4 and weighing in at an impressive 355 lbs., Soliai has the build necessary to man the keystone position on the defense. However, throughout his career in Miami, Soliai has remained an enigmatic presence. The coaches tend to break into song, performing a stirring rendition of Katy Perry's "Hot n' Cold", whenever they speak about the Samoan defensive tackle. He's hot and he's cold, he's up and he's down, he's in and he's out. If Soliai had wondrous cleavage like Ms. Perry, I might be more forgiving of his inconsistent performance, but alas he does not.

In addition to Soliai, the Dolphins hope that Randy Starks might be able to help fill the important role. Unfortunately, large sports utility vehicles filled to capacity with scantidly clad women are not eligible to assist him on the field of play.

Look for Soliai and Starks to get plenty of work tomorrow and throughout the preseason as the Dolphins will try to save the elder Ferguson for the regular season.

#3: The future of the Phins on display

Monday night might be our first real glimpse at the future of the Miami Dolphins - 2010 and beyond. Perhaps there is no more important piece of that promising future than one Chad Henne. Sparano has stated several times that Henne will receive quite a bit of work during the preseason in order to see how he handles things such as halftime adjustments and other dramatic scenarios that arise during an entire NFL game. Henne will receive plenty of work with the first team offense, allowing Dolphins fans to get their first real look at the offense of the future.

In addition to Chad Henne, the Dolphins faithful might also catch a sneak peak of Wildcat 2.0 or the WildPat / WhiteCat offense. It will be interesting to see if the Dolphins coaching staff will tip their hand during the preseason on how they might utilize their multi-purpose player, but the fans and media will be craving some kind of White Wildcat action. Even if he doesn't make his debut in the Dolphins' signature offensive set on Monday, White will see plenty of action at QB where he will likely play during the entire 4th quarter.

There will be a variety of rookies and young players making major contributions versus the Jaguars. It will be our first real look at players we all hope will become stars and major contributors for the Dolphins in the next few years. With exciting new players like Vontae Davis, Sean Smith, Pat Turner, and Cameron Wake to look out for, this should be quite an entertaining game for those hoping to see what the future has in store for the Miami Dolphins. Who knows, maybe VD2 might even make an appearance...


So which player are you most looking forward to seeing in the Dolphins' first preseason game?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Out of the Office Until Tuesday

Fins FTW is shutting down for a few days as I have to travel up north to Big Sky Country to attend a wedding and visit with family. I won't be able to update the blog from up there. I still might be tweeting from my mobile if time permits.

Check out Tin's Fins blog for some great camp reporting.

I know this puts a kink in my training camp reporting, but I promise to have some great new content for you guys next week. I will really be ramping it up for the preseason and the start of the season.

For now, I will leave you with a word from the Miami Dolphins...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Miami Dolphins Training Camp Day 2 Round-Up

Sorry, no camp report for Day 2. Here's a funny video instead...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Miami Dolphins Training Camp Day 1 Round-Up

Miami Dolphins Training Camp 2009 opened with a splash. Fans swarmed the Davie practice field in a scene that was reminiscent of victory parade with thousands of dolfanatics flocking to the scene. Fans lined each level of the nearby parking garage to catch a glimpse of the proceedings. That loving feeling is finally back in Dolphin land... Can it last? Let's hope so...

Since I cannot physically be in Davie this year, I will try to compile some links to some of the best reports and pictures of each day of camp. Although, if any of you enterprising fans out there want to bring a webcam out to the stands and stream the sessions to me live, I would be happier than a pig in Buffalo.

I will also select the winners and losers of each day of camp.

Without further ado....


By several accounts, Patrick Turner put on quite a show for the enthralled crowd. Being a receiver, it is crucial that he actually makes receptions - something that has been difficult at times for Dolphins' receivers over the past few years. At least for one day, this was not an issue for Turner who caught everything thrown his way including an underthrown pass from Chad Pennington.

Turner also juked a poor cornerback out of his shorts and ran the distance for a TD sending the oversized crowd into jubilation. Keep it up rook!


Unfortunately, the "beast" as proclaimed by yours truly got handled by rookie 6th round pick Andrew Gardner who might as well have been a giant sofa come to life since Cameron Wake's ass couldn't get off him. I am still hopeful that Wake will turn things on as camp progresses. If not, we better hope Jason Taylor comes back with a vengeance.

Camp Reports:
Fan Camp Pictures:
[If you would like to submit CAMP REPORTS or CAMP PICS please email me at FinsFTW@gmail.com]

Saturday, August 1, 2009

ALL Draft Picks Signed!

I should have kept going with my original hunch. Ireland and Parcells DON'T **** AROUND when it comes to signing their draft picks before camp!

On the eve of training camp, Pat White and Chris Clemons, the remaining two unsigned rookies, got a visit from the "family" and got things inked and squared away in time to begin (what is sure to be) grueling Training Camp.

Keep posted for Training Camp reports throughout the next month.

Can you smell that? Ya, its a sweaty jockstrap. Football season is almost upon us!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Pat White Could Hold Out

Even as I proclaimed via Twitter that Jeff Ireland and Bill Parcells "don't **** around" when it comes to getting their draft picks signed in time for training camp, it appears that the apple of their collective eyes is poised for a holdout according to PFT.

The hangup appears to be due to the fact that White and his agent are seeking different incentives other than those generally given to QBs taken in the second round since they believe (and likely correctly) that White will not be utilized like any other QB drafted in the second round.

Due to his role as "Wildcat Specialist" and Chad Henne's apparent strangehold on the position of QB of the future, White is looking to add on some incentives that would reward him for his unique role in the offense should he become successful in that capacity. And I can't say I blame him...

Hopefully this is resolved shortly so we can all get a sneak peak at Wildcat 2.0.

[Might as well grab your Miami Wildcat shirt while you still can! lol.]

Vontae Davis (of OUR Dimension) Has Signed a 5 Year Deal with the Dolphins

The second half of the Dolphins promising rookie cornerback duo has inked a five year deal worth something around 10 Million considering the contracts signed by the picks taken immediately before and after him in the 2009 draft.

This move ensures that Vontae Davis, along with rookie Sean Smith, will both be reporting for the first day of camp. Their presence during the entirety of training camp will be crucial as they both hope to solidify the young secondary. Will Allen and the coaching staff will have ample time to prepare them for the coming season.

No word yet if VD2, Vontae's alternate reality persona has come to terms in a backup capacity should anything happen to our Vontae.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

REMINDER: Join the FTW Fantasy Football League

Yours truly has been incommunicado for the past few days. A little warning in advance, I will be once again without access to cyber dolphinland from next Thursday to Sunday as I will be attending a wedding, but I promise to have some fresh new content for you all to sink your teeth into before then.

And of course, with training camp fast approaching, there will be PLENTY to discuss... FINALLY!

But for now, just a simple reminder that we are still taking new members to join the exclusive FTWFL!

Read HERE for more details.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

FREE Wallpaper: Ted Ginn Jr.

Today's Miami Dolphins Wallpaper features starting WR Ted Ginn Jr. Does he have what it takes to become a legit number 1 receiver in the NFL? Discuss HERE.

There are two versions, one with the 2009 schedule and one without. Your choice. As of right now, I only made one in this size. If you would like another wallpaper size, please comment in this thread with your desired resolution size.

DOWNLOAD 1440 x 900 Ted Ginn Jr. Wallpaper
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Like these? Please leave a comment! Thanks.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Great Davone Bess Interview - 17 Minutes Long

Tin_Shaker was kind enough to edit down an hour-long recorded interview that Davone recently did in Hawaii down to 17 minutes for us Dol-fans to enjoy.

Its a great interview with a lot of interesting information on Davone's relationship with Chad Pennington and much more.

And LOL at Davone's reaction to Twitter. He mentions that he will not press charges against Lambo_Weezy.

Check it out HERE.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Can Ted Ginn Become a TRUE #1 Receiver in '09?

In my opinion, the litmus test for a starting wide receiver in the NFL is their ability to surpass 1,000 yards in a season. Of course, this is often dependent on factors outside of a receiver's control, such as having a QB hand selected by Dave Wannstedt or Cam Cameron throwing them the ball.

Fortunately for Ted Ginn, this is no longer a problem, as Chad Pennington is in the upper echelon of NFL quarterbacks. Although, Pennington's lack of superior arm strength could hinder Ginn from truly using his greatest asset, that being his speed.

However, that shouldn't serve as an excuse this season.

Blazing speed alone does not make a number one receiver. Superior route running and the ability to rack up YAK...

err... YAC (Yards After Catch) do.

Ginn almost doubled his rookie yardage last year ending with 790 yards receiving, up from 420 in 2007. However, he finished with the same meager amount of touchdowns - Two.

If Ginn can double his 2008 stats for 2009, I think we can finally consider him a true number one.

So what do you think? Will Ted show enough in 2009 to entrench himself atop the Miami Dolphins roster?

Will Ted Ginn Surpass 1,000 Yards in 2009?

Introducing the FTW Fantasy Football League

Its that time again...

Get out your epic axes, spell books, and wizard caps because its time for FANTASY FOOTBALL!

Fins FTW is mounting its first annual fantasy football league dubbed the FTWFL on Yahoo.com.

The league will feature 18 players duking it out each week to gain epic loot and notoriety across the land.

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Its simple. Simply leave a comment on this thread, tweet me @FinsFTW or email me at FinsFTW@gmail.com with a reason why you should be considered for the league.

State how many years of FF experience you have, make a blood oath promising that you shall not abandon the league even if you are staring a winless season in the face, or something like that. Basically, just convince me that you are a serious player. I don't want to be going against a guy starting a player with a season ending injury come Week 5.

There are only 17 spots (I have already occupied one of the spots in the 18 team league), so apply today.

Once you have been selected, I will email or tweet you the league info and password so that you can join up.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dolphins Approach Ronnie Brown About Contract Extension

According to the Miami Herald, the Miami Dolphins have approached Ronnie Brown's agent Todd France in an attempt to get the Pro Bowl running back and wildcat specialist signed to a contract extension which would keep him in the aqua and orange (some say teal and coral is the actual Dolphins' color scheme, but that just doesn't have the same ring to it) for several more years.

As mentioned previously, Brown's rookie contract expires at the conclusion of the 2009 season.

Getting Brown signed to an extension before the season makes sense on a couple of levels.

For one, he would likely come at a cheaper price now than he would after the season, as all signs point to him building upon the Pro Bowl season he had last year now that he is two seasons removed from ACL surgery and is more comfortable with the current offensive scheme.

If Brown mounted yet another Pro Bowl effort this season, he would automatically become the number one target by teams looking for help in their backfield via free agency. In such a scenario, The Dolphins would be unlikely to outbid other teams for the services of a running back, since history shows that the Parcells regime tends to skimp a bit when it comes to that position.

Secondly, it would allow Brown to play fast and loose right from the start. While often times it is said that players play their best and their hardest in a contract year in order to secure a big pay day in free agency, this might not be the best strategy for a player with a serious injury in their past.

If Brown were to get injured again in 2009 without a long term commitment from the team, it would be a major blow to his chances of securing a lucrative contract during free agency. Could these kind of thoughts hinder his effort in some circumstances?

It is possible, but Brown doesn't appear to be the kind of player who is thinking of finances first. He appears to be a true team player and gives his best effort on every play. When you see a man of his size hurdling over defenders and dragging multiple players across the turf for several yards, it is difficult to ever accuse him of not giving it his all.

While this might not have been a problem in any case, a long term commitment by the Dolphins toward Brown would allow him to simply focus on football without the spectre of free agency looming in the distance. And that is better for everyone.

[NOTE: For all the Ronnie Brown fans out there, celebrate this good news by downloading a new Ronnie Brown Wallpaper and Desktop Schedule!]

FREE Wallpaper: Ronnie Brown Wallpaper

Visit NFL Wallpaper Zone for more Miami Dolphins Wallpaper

The third wallpaper in the series features the Dolphins' Jack of All Trades - Ronnie Brown. This Miami Dolphin wallpaper features Ronnie Brown in his iconic pose from 2008's Wildcat coming out party against the New England Patriots.

There are two versions, one with the 2009 schedule and one with out. Your choice. As of right now, I only made one in this size. If you would like another wallpaper size, please comment in this thread with your desired resolution size.

DOWNLOAD 1440 x 900 Ronnie Brown Wallpaper
DOWNLOAD 1440 x 900 Ronnie Brown Desktop Schedule
DOWNLOAD Ronnie Brown Sig Pic

Like these? Please leave a comment! Thanks.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

aWAKEning the Beast: Jason Taylor Sees Potential in Cameron Wake

The Dolphins just might have a new Disney tale to tell to follow up last year's Cinderella season. The Beauty and the Beast might be rolling into town in 2009.

Jason Taylor, the Miami Dolphins' resident heart throb and authority on the art of sacking opposing quarterbacks, has been giving much praise to teammate and (hopeful) eventual successor Cameron Wake in recent weeks.

“He’s quick, he’s fast, he’s sudden. He’s a strong guy, so you know the explosiveness is going to be there. It’s just a matter of learning this game and the nuances.” Taylor said.

If there is one thing that Jason Taylor knows (other than the cha-cha), its what it takes to be a successful pass rusher in the NFL. In his opinion, former CFL standout Cameron Wake has that ability in spades.

“If anybody looked at me as a 22-year-old kid coming out of Akron and looked at Cameron with where he is right now, they’d say he has a better chance to make it than I did.” Taylor reflected.

Given Wake's current age of 27, it makes sense that he would be ahead of a 22-year-old skinny rookie out of a small school. He is more physically prepared for the rigors of an NFL season given his training and experience running down the fleet-footed signal callers of the NFL's younger, cooler, yet noticeably weaker little brother - the CFL.

At 6'3 and the physical build that would make a Yeti feel meek in comparison, Wake took the Great White North by storm - amassing an incomparable 39 sacks during his two years with the BC Lions.

He won various honors and awards and became the first player in CFL history to win Rookie of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year in the same season.

But that was the CFL... Wake has already failed to latch onto an NFL gig once before, being cut by the NY Giants during his rookie season.

Can the skills he honed and displayed north of the border translate to the quicker and more brutal version of the game down south?

There is some reason for optimism. Warren Moon, Jeff Garcia, Joe Theismann, and Doug Flutie are just a few of the former CFL standouts to make a name for themselves in the NFL. Of course, they tend to share something that Cameron Wake does not - a position on the offensive side of the ball.

Miami fans can even look to their own players for an example of CFL to NFL success. Ricky Williams had a largely forgettable season with the Toronto Argonauts following one of his many NFL suspensions, but came back strong for the Miami Dolphins a season after his Canadian exile.

The CFL is more well known for its wide open offenses than bone crushing defenses, which makes Wake's success and beastly statistics all the more impressive.

Bill Parcells and GM Jeff Ireland certainly saw enough potential in Wake to give him a contract with the Dolphins. Given their extensive track record of success when it comes to finding and developing pass rushers, I would say that is a glowing endorsement of his potential in the NFL.

However, Ireland and Parcells instituted a back up plan in order to ensure that their investment was in good hands, picking up a giant acorn of pash rush wisdom in Jason Taylor to provide additional firepower for the defense and to serve as a mentor to the young guns.

If Jason Taylor can impart even a fraction of the pass rushing knowledge he has acquired over the years onto Wake, I believe that he can use his abundant physical gifts to finally become the beast in the NFL that he always dreamed he would be.

For Miami Dolphins fans, that would be a thing of beauty.


Here is a great feature on Cameron Wake:

Friday, July 17, 2009

Catch of the Week: Sabrina Sato (& OG) Got Hands

A little production note: Going forward, the Catch of the Week will feature one phenomenal catch in Dolphins' history as well as the phenomenal babes you have come to expect. Once the season starts, the best catch by a Miami Dolphins player for that week will get the coveted spot alongside a Fins FTW hottie.

With that out of the way, do you remember Oronde Gadsden? Or as I liked to call him... HANDS.

The man had hands about the size of baseball mitts. In fact, I think the MLB might use his hands as the prototype for all their current gloves.

When you are a wide receiver trying to catch balls from Jay Fiedler, you might as well be an outfielder...

OG's mitts came in handy on one monumental catch that even landed him in the Hall of Fame (if only as a still photograph, and not a bronze bust).

The year was 2002, and this was the Dolphins' chance to break the dreadful curse of the NY Jets. Even with the newly acquired Ricky Williams to trample all over the gang green, we could still count on our fearless Fiedler on the roof to botch the game for us.

And he came damn close...

Jay Fiedler, Dave Wannstedt's favorite son, went back for a pass and chucked the ball right into the awaiting arms of a NY Jets' defensive back when suddenly a great, giant hand emerged to save the day.

Oronde Gadsden. Hero. The Miami Dolphins went on to win the game, and finally break the curse of the New York Jets.

It is only fitting that I should segue from the "hands" to a woman who men can't seem to keep their hands off.

Sabrina Sato
Brazil's Asian Sensation
She is one of the focal points of the popular Brazilian prime time variety show Panico Na TV. Sato is cute, fun, sassy, and sports an amazing body that she is never shy to flaunt for the primetime audience.

Her only imperfection might be the monstrous mole on her forehead. A mole so large and obtrusive that not even our own Jay Fiedler could miss it.


Bonus Making of the Video: (Caution: LOUD START. Might want to lower volume before you play this video)

Madden 10 SNEAK PEAKS: Dolphins Vs. Raiders (OMG EA SCREWED UP THE SOCKS!)

I hope you have a cup handy to collect the saliva that is sure to be frothing out of your mouth upon viewing the following videos.

Some intrepid Madden fanatics were able to sneak a handy dandy HD camcorder into E3 (The annual convention of gamer geeks such as myself) and record some SEXY new footage of Madden 10 in all its glory. Pregame, game action, half time and more. And luckily for us Dolphin fans, it features our favorite team!

Even in all its pixelated glory, EA did manage to FAIL in one major aspect of the presentation. They matched up the wrong socks with the wrong uniform!

ANY Dolphins fan worth their bloodstained Jay Fiedler throwback jersey knows that the orange and aqua striped socks go with the AQUA pants, NOT the WHITE pants! Aqua socks are used with the all white uniforms! Good job, EA! There ain't a chance in Hades I'm dropping 60 greenbacks for your appallingly attention-to-detail lacking product!

Just kidding! I'm still going to pre-order the heck out of this game!

EDIT: Well, it turns out my assault upon the good folks at EA and Tiburon might have been out of line after all. According to @FootballDetails, Madden now allows players to delve into the minutia of uniform outfitting that previously only NFL equipment managers could enjoy! That's right, you now have the power to slap on which ever mismatching socks you want on your 3D-rendered gridiron warriors! Sorry EA!

Without further ado, the in-game action:

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Relive the Vengeance in the Meadowlands

NFL.com has posted 15 minute video of the Week 17 Dolphins-Jets matchup which gave the Dolphins the division title and gave Chad Pennington some measure of revenge on his former team. It also sent Favre packing... to Minnesota.

Miami Dolphins Vs New York Jets, Week 17 Video

Friday, July 10, 2009

CONTEST: What's Your Story? Share Your Most Memorable Dolphins Moment, Win a Custom Wallpaper

Everyone has a story to tell about their time as a Miami Dolphins football fanatic. What's yours?

I will be giving away a CUSTOM Miami Dolphins Desktop Wallpaper, sig pic, or custom (photoshopped) photo featuring you and a Miami Dolphins player of your choice for use on your favorite social networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter.

All you have to do is share your most memorable fan experience by leaving a comment on this post. I will select the best story from the comments posted and select the winner. It can be about getting into a fist fight with a rowdy Jets fan in the Meadowlands, sticking pins into a makeshift Dave Wannstedt voodoo doll, or being present for Marino's first game in the Orange Bowl. Just make it interesting...

I will select a winner on Friday, July 17th.


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Catch of the Week: Winnepeg Blue Bomber Cheerleaders

From the outside, the cheerleaders of the Winnepeg Blue Bombers of the CFL appear to be the very essence of Blue Bomber pride and spirit.

Appearances can be deceiving.

The Winnepeg Blue Bomber cheerleaders have a secret and I am here to expose them (the secret that is, get your mind out of the gutter.)

You see, while they sport the colors of the Blue Bombers and cheer on their men as they trudge down the field in the frozen, unforgiving climate north of the border, their hearts and minds are with someone else.

The truth is that the Winnepeg Blue Bomber cheerleaders wish they could be with someone else who would better appreciate their skimpy outfits and give them the love and warmth that they desire.

They wish they were with the Miami Dolphins.

I present to you proof that these seemingly loyal cheerleaders indeed have their hearts, minds, and other assets thinking of the Miami Dolphins.

EXCLUSIVE Q&A With Davone Bess

We recently got a chance to sit down with the second year stand out at wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins - Davone Bess.

In between surfing sessions in Hawaii as he unwinds before reporting back to Davie for the start of training camp, Davone was kind enough to sit down with us and discuss last year's improbable rise up the depth chart and the team's improbable march to the playoffs and what we can expect this upcoming season.

I will be typing this blog LIVE as I speak with Davone, so please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors.

Let's begin:

Odin Gunderson: Hey Davone, glad we could catch up with you. How is Hawaii this time of year?

Davone Bess: A little bit cold, you know? The Eskimos are chill though. I been drinkin some Pepsi's and Coronas with them. They cool.

OG: Wait, you said you are in Hawaii? That doesn't...

DB: What? Do you know who you talkin to? This be Davone Bess. Davone knows Hawaii! Davone is KING of Hawaii. They call me King Comonaplayawanaleia and all the ladies be coming to my 'gloo for some action.

OG: Nice try Lambo... I have traced this call and will be sending this information to the proper authorities.

L_W: But this is Davone Bess. I promise. Please don't. I can prove it. I'll send you a picture of my hair. Come on man. Please? ****!


My apologies, it appears that we have been had by an impostor once again. However, if you would like to read a REAL interview with the legit Davone Bess, simply follow this link to read his thoughts on the Dolphins shocking 2008 season and what 2009 might have in store:
Q&A with Davone Bess

Watch Live NFL Games From ANYWHERE With DirecTV's New Laptop & Smartphone App!

Got a fishing trip in Alaska planned for a Sunday? A wedding in Vegas to attend? Planning to jump out of an airplane - with or without a parachute? Now you can do all that and more without having to worry about missing the next Dolphins touchdown!

DirecTV has brought its popular NFL Sunday Ticket package to your laptop and mobile phone.

Although the iPhone app will be absolutely free of charge, in order to get it to work you will need to put down a nice chunk of change in order to be able to watch Ronnie Brown demolish another poor safety come September.

In order to receive this service, you will need to become a DirecTV subscriber, purchase the @280 NFL Sunday Ticket subscription, AND plop down an additional $100 for the "Superfan" package.

This likely isn't feasible for most schmoes out there (such as myself), but if you are already a DirecTV customer with the NFL Sunday Ticket and would rather be doing something other than entrenched on your coach buried under mounds of nachos doing your best Jabba the Hutt impersonation each Sunday during the fall, this might be the perfect tool for you.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

FREE Miami Dolphins Wallpaper: Joey Porter

The second Miami Dolphins wallpaper in the series features the sometimes fearsome and always loquacious centerpiece of the Miami Dolphins defense - Joey Porter.

Visit NFL Wallpaper Zone for more Miami Dolphins Wallpaper.

Click Here for the entire series of Miami Dolphins wallpapers.

I have provided two versions of the Miami Dolphins wallpaper - one with the Dolphins' 2009 schedule and one without. Please check back soon as I will add more resolution sizes for these miami dolphins wallpapers if requested.

If you would like to get this Miami Dolphins wallpaper in a different resolution size, please leave a comment.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dread in Miami?: Dolphins Speak with CB Mike McKenzie

Perhaps in an effort to lead the league in players with dreadlocks, the Miami Dolphins have spoken with former Packers and Saints cornerback Mike McKenzie according to the ESPN news ticker and the Miami Herald.

McKenzie, a ten year veteran, had been one of the league's best cornerbacks during his time in Green Bay and New Orleans, but suffered a devastating knee injury at the end of the 2007 season. He recovered in time for the start of the 2008 season but suffered yet another knee injury after seven games.

In 2008, he amassed a grand total of 22 tackles and 1 INT.

He was released by the Saints in March.

The Dolphins were thought to have solved their troublesome situation in the secondary earlier this year when they signed veteran free agent Eric Green and drafted young cornerbacks Vontae Davis and Sean Smith in the first two rounds of the 2009 NFL Draft.

However, if the Dolphins brain trust are putting a feeler out to McKenzie, they must have seen something during the OTAs that they didn't like in regard to the overall makeup of the group. Bringing in another veteran like McKenzie would appear to be a bad omen for Eric Green, as an older, injury-prone veteran such as McKenzie would likely pose no threat to the two roster spots now occupied by Davis and Smith.

If McKenzie were to sign with the Dolphins, that would bring the total of dreadlocked players on the squad to seven. Davone Bess, Chris Clemons, Ernest Wilford, Channing Crowder, Erik Walden, and Randy Starks are currently the only players on the roster sporting the distinctive hairstyle.

It is said that dreadlock style of hair growth received its name due to the sense of dread that came over those who encountered people wearing them. If this is a case, perhaps the Dolphins' strategy is to fill the roster with dreadlocks in an effort to paralyze the opposing team with fear and awe.

There is a precedent to this.

In 2002, Dolphin fans were witnessed to one of the most prolific seasons in dreadlock history. It was during that season that Ricky Williams' signature dreads wantonly slapped opposing defenders out of his path as he bulldozed his way to 1853 yards rushing and 16 touchdowns.

In 2003, Ricky shaved his dreads off, and the rest is history. Like Samson before him, Ricky never quite achieved the same level of awe-inducing power as he displayed with the full head of locks churning all about the field.

Then again, Ernest Wilford wears dreads... The only dread he induced in others in 2008 was in Jeff Ireland for spending millions of dollars on 25 yards of production.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

FREE Wallpaper: Chad Pennington (Now W/ Schedule)

I have been absent a few days, but I come bearing gifts! I have cooked up a new miami dolphins wallpaper featuring everyone's favorite Jets' castaway CHAD PENNINGTON!

And a BONUS Sig Pic!

Here they are:

Click For 1152 x 864 Wallpaper
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Click For Sig Pic
Click For 1152 x 864 Desktop Schedule
If you have any requests regarding a player you would like to have featured in the next wallpaper or sig pic, please comment in this thread or reach me at @FinsFTW on Twitter.

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Friday, July 3, 2009

New Name, Same Shame... lessness.

Ok, so I decided to start fresh with a new, more approachable name for the blog. Something more marketable and simple (ie, something I could slap on a shirt and actually plausibly expect someone to purchase one). Since the old Finstache blog was only a week old, I figured it was best to make the move now before things went any further... Although, the Lambo_Weezy detective work will probably still be associated with the old domain, but that's fine.

I have changed my twitter account to reflect the change as well. You can now find me @FinsFTW

It also means a new feed (for the third time, lol.)
Please sign up: http://feeds.feedburner.com/FinsFTW

Hope you like the new digs and Happy 4th!

BTW, I am pretty sure most people know what FTW stands for, but if you don't, it is internet language for "For The Win" :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Catch of the Week: 2 for 1 Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders!

So I threw my net out to sea, or Google Image Search if you would prefer to call it that, and found a heck of a catch. I reeled in not one, but TWO, cute cheerleaders from the one and only Miami Dolphins.

Unfortunately, it looks like they have caught a bad case of make-a-stupid-squishy-face-for-the-camera-itis (especially the blond) which has plagued millions of otherwise cute girls on social networking sites across the universe.

In any case, a little behind the scenes action featuring Miami Dolphins cheerleaders is never a bad deal. Enjoy!PS: Do Dolphin cheerleaders ever wear anything other than throwback Marino jerseys when they aren't in uniform?

Vontae Davis Is Cleared By Illinois Police, Travels Back to the Future

The Champaign Illinois Police Department, unable to comprehend the mind-thumping complexities of time-travel, have cleared Vontae Davis from any charges of egregiously excessive noise and operating a motor vehicle with an invalid license.

As for VD2, the alternate reality Vontae Davis from a different time and place, he seemingly has been able to venture back to the place from whence he came, leaving thousands of scientists in our time in a bewildered stupor desperately trying to make sense of it all.

We can only hope that VD2 will return one day to help us during our greatest time of need, and not merely to pester the eardrums of Illinois residents.

Or is VD2 but a prelude of our impending demise?

Oh ****...

Ronnie Brown Packing Up To Leave After 2009?

When Ronnie Brown came into the league back in 2005, the TV airwaves were consumed with ads featuring the ubiquitous question, "What can BROWN do for you?" While this phrase was originally meant to display how a cargo company with a monotone color scheme could outperform its flashier rivals, the phrase also become a motto of sorts for Ronnie Brown during the 2005 draft and beyond.

Like UPS, Ronnie Brown also had to compete to elevate himself above the flashier names of the 2005 draft class. One of those names was none other than his Auburn teammate and close friend who came equipped with a hell of a catchy nickname - Carnell "Cadillac" Williams.

While the Cadillac was consistently spinning his wheels onto the highlight reels, Ronnie's consistent, workman-like, and often-times pounding style of play provided the fuel to a dynamic and dominant rushing attack which helped drive the Auburn Tigers all the way to an undefeated season in 2004.

Ronnie also had to eclipse the heir to Ricky Williams' Texas throne - Cedric Benson. Although, Dolphin fans wanted no part of any Ricky Williams protege' given the situation at the time.

Brown began to separate himself from the pack at the 2005 NFL combine where he posted a 4.45 40' time. His speed along with his size helped push him toward the top of the (at the time) strong RB crop.

Nick Saban (The backstabbing, Lil' Debbie-eating, conniving, lecherous, deceitful, pint-sized control freak from the Boonies that every fan in Miami thought was God incarnated in the flesh at the time) used his extensive knowledge of the SEC to select Ronnie Brown with the 2nd overall pick in the 2005 NFL draft.

This would be Saban's first decision as head coach of the Dolphins, and it would remain his best following his short-lived, disappointing reign as Miami Dolphins' dictator.

So what DID Brown do for the Dolphins? Well, just about everything.

He has conquered the cries of "bust" from the loyal (and sometimes delusional) fans - and not just once, but several times, as the cries of "bust" rear their ugly heads during almost every season.

He has crawled his way out of the early-season doghouse that each coach had placed him in for some mind-numbing reason each pre-season.

He has returned punts for Cam Cameron's pre-season fail forward fast all-stars.

He has broken tackle after tackle after tackle after tackle after tackle after tackle after tackle.

He has made safeties wish they were never born to receive the level of national embarrassment that comes with being absolutely demolished and tossed to the ground like Raggedy Andy.

He has racked up astronomical stats and still managed to go winless over a span of several games (Thanks Cam!).

He has at times been the team's best blocker, best runner, and best receiver.

He has torn his ACL, and proceeded to kick rehab's ass into submission, returning to the field at full strength and with no lingering issues in just a few months.

Oh, and he also became the poster boy for the league's hottest new craze in the ferocious WildCat Formation. He was the first player to actually make Bill Belichick (The New England Variety) look like a chump, and send thousands of Boston fans fleeing in shame out of Gillette Stadium for the first time in a decade.

Four years, 3,433 yards, 23 touchdowns, 137 receptions, 1,151 yards receiving, a pro bowl berth, and a whole lot of ass-kicking later, Ronnie Brown might be preparing for his last year as a Miami Dolphin.

Yes, another UPS, the United Parcells Service might be getting ready to send Ronnie Brown packing at the end of the season.

Ronnie Brown's contract expires at the conclusion of the 2009 season, and the team might be willing to part with the all-pro.

It mostly comes down to money. I am sure Sparano and Co. would love to keep a football player of Brown's caliber on the squad, but not at the cost he might come at.

Bill Parcells has always been one to take a blue-light special approach to runningbacks. He believes that as long as you have the hogs up front to do the dirty work, you can find a servicable enough running back just about anywhere.

If you look at his history, he never takes running backs in the first round of the draft, nor does he often pursue big name, big money backs in free agency.

He looks for the young and hungry in the later rounds ala Marion Barber. Or the old and forgotten with something to prove in Ottis Anderson.

The lone exception to this rule that I can conjure up at the moment was when he traded for notorious Dolphin-killer Curtis Martin. Parcells sent a 1st and a 3rd round pick to his former employer in exchange for the services of the future hall of famer.

While Jeff Ireland is the real Dolphins' General Manager, one can assume that he shares a similar philosophy with his boss on this matter.

Ronnie Brown is likely to remain a big ticket name during the 2009 season. With his multi-faceted talents and mastery of the now popular WildCat Offense, Brown should command big money out in Free Agency in 2010. Given that the Dolphins are unlikely to want to tie up such a huge sum of money on a running back nearing the end of his twenties, He will probably try to see what kind of value awaits him out on the market.

And if Brown disappoints in 2009 and fails to reach the level of play that fans and the Dolphins expect of him, he will also likely be gone. As was previously stated, the organization believes they can get solid play at that position at a bargain price, either through the draft or by rummaging through the heaps of discarded backs around the league. Case in point: Patrick Cobbs.

So who will replace the dynamic Ronnie Brown if he leaves in 2010?

Well, there is already a replacement for one of his jobs on the roster - Pat White, WildCat Specialist. Perhaps the drafting of White was a sign that the Dolphins have no plans to keep Ronnie Brown, the current king of the WildCat, past this season. They will get White prepared to usurp the role by having him become Ronnie Brown's 2009 WildCat understudy.

As for who the Dolphins might pick up to take over for Ronnie Brown's other, more important role in the offense? A tandem of Ricky Williams and Patrick Cobbs could be servicable, but I doubt they would be content with an ancient (yet enlightened, and for once, trustworthy) Ricky Williams and a supplementary guy like Cobbs (regardless of the spark he provides to the team in spots) as their only rushing options on what they hope will be their first legit shot at the Super Bowl in 2010.

If you want to find the future of the Dolphins' backfield, start looking at the unheralded, yet tough and consistent, workhorse running backs in the college ranks.

Ronnie Brown, should he leave after the 2009 season, will have entrenched himself as the best running back that the Miami Dolphins have fielded since the 70's (Ricky's 2002 masterpiece excluded).

Fortunately, we still have a full season of Ronnie Brown south beach smack downs to enjoy before he might be off to his next stop on the NFL delivery route.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Miami Dolphins Sig Pic - Ricky Williams Redemption Song

Just giving the old blog (only a week old, lol) a little facelift. I will be continuing to change little things here and there over the next few days. If there are any widgets that you think would be a benefit to readers, please let me know!

Anyway, I might as well use this opportunity to offer you all another free miami dolphins sig pic! Being that Ricky Williams was such a huge Bob Marley fan and was seeking his very own redemption for his past actions, I decided to merge the two worlds together for this sig pic. Enjoy it!

All Miami Dolphins sig pics, avatars, or other Miami Dolphins graphics posted here are absolutely free to use on whichever forum you frequent. I would appreciate it if you placed a link to my blog under it as a way to show thanks though!

Just slap this code under it:
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Miami Dolphins Sig Pic of the Day:
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