Monday, July 20, 2009

Can Ted Ginn Become a TRUE #1 Receiver in '09?

In my opinion, the litmus test for a starting wide receiver in the NFL is their ability to surpass 1,000 yards in a season. Of course, this is often dependent on factors outside of a receiver's control, such as having a QB hand selected by Dave Wannstedt or Cam Cameron throwing them the ball.

Fortunately for Ted Ginn, this is no longer a problem, as Chad Pennington is in the upper echelon of NFL quarterbacks. Although, Pennington's lack of superior arm strength could hinder Ginn from truly using his greatest asset, that being his speed.

However, that shouldn't serve as an excuse this season.

Blazing speed alone does not make a number one receiver. Superior route running and the ability to rack up YAK...

err... YAC (Yards After Catch) do.

Ginn almost doubled his rookie yardage last year ending with 790 yards receiving, up from 420 in 2007. However, he finished with the same meager amount of touchdowns - Two.

If Ginn can double his 2008 stats for 2009, I think we can finally consider him a true number one.

So what do you think? Will Ted show enough in 2009 to entrench himself atop the Miami Dolphins roster?

Will Ted Ginn Surpass 1,000 Yards in 2009?


jets fan said...

your a really smart guy.. but i think the buffalo quoted you wrong.. i think you ment to say "yuk" ted ginn a true number 1 haha.. and brett Favre is going to play qb this year again..

Odin Gunderson said...

LOL! Have you taken a look at the Jets' roster lately? You got Cotchery, Stuckey, Clowney and a bunch of other jokers! They sound like they should be working at the circus, and will probably play WR like they do.

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