Monday, August 3, 2009

Miami Dolphins Training Camp Day 1 Round-Up

Miami Dolphins Training Camp 2009 opened with a splash. Fans swarmed the Davie practice field in a scene that was reminiscent of victory parade with thousands of dolfanatics flocking to the scene. Fans lined each level of the nearby parking garage to catch a glimpse of the proceedings. That loving feeling is finally back in Dolphin land... Can it last? Let's hope so...

Since I cannot physically be in Davie this year, I will try to compile some links to some of the best reports and pictures of each day of camp. Although, if any of you enterprising fans out there want to bring a webcam out to the stands and stream the sessions to me live, I would be happier than a pig in Buffalo.

I will also select the winners and losers of each day of camp.

Without further ado....


By several accounts, Patrick Turner put on quite a show for the enthralled crowd. Being a receiver, it is crucial that he actually makes receptions - something that has been difficult at times for Dolphins' receivers over the past few years. At least for one day, this was not an issue for Turner who caught everything thrown his way including an underthrown pass from Chad Pennington.

Turner also juked a poor cornerback out of his shorts and ran the distance for a TD sending the oversized crowd into jubilation. Keep it up rook!


Unfortunately, the "beast" as proclaimed by yours truly got handled by rookie 6th round pick Andrew Gardner who might as well have been a giant sofa come to life since Cameron Wake's ass couldn't get off him. I am still hopeful that Wake will turn things on as camp progresses. If not, we better hope Jason Taylor comes back with a vengeance.

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