Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"Fire Sparano!"

This is a message to the "Fire Sparano" crowd...

Do you go to your boss and ask to be fired every time you have a bad day of work? If not, get off it. Do you realize the Miami Dolphins' loss to the Buffalo Bills was the FIRST time the Dolphins have lost to an obviously inferior team under his stewardship? Yes, in 27 tries, this was the first time you can honestly say his decisions and his coaching was responsible for his team's loss to a crappy team. Yet you want him fired?

Do you realize how many hall of fame coaches have lost to inferior teams during their career? You can look no further than next week's opponent. Yes, even the hallowed Bill Belichick has suffered the indignation of getting beatdown by an inferior opponent. One of those losses even came against our craphole of team back in 2004. AJ FREAKING FEELEY beat his SUPERBOWL TEAM on NATIONAL TELEVISION. Sound the alarms! FIRE BELICHICK!

Could you imagine what would have become of the Patriots under Belichick, the Steelers under Cowher, or the Giants under Coughlin if the owners followed the advice of toolbag fans each time they had a poor performance? They wouldn't have Superbowl rings, that's for sure.

Go down the list, EVERY Superbowl winning coach has had some stinkers of games. Belichick has had plenty, even during his dynasty years... Buffalo in 2003, Miami in 2004. Cowher was notorious for choking in the playoffs. Coughlin was on his last legs before the 2007 SB winning season.

What do all of these teams have in common?


Patience is apparently a virtue long forgotten by NFL fans, but it is still essential for the success of a franchise. Developing a championship team is still a process. It's not instant oatmeal.

This same team is two years removed from ONE and frickin-frackin FIFTEEN. Do you expect the Lions to win a Superbowl next year? If not, why in the hell would you expect the Dolphins to win one this year? Yes, we all want this to happen, but most of us realize we still need more talent to have it all come together.

Another thing you must take into account is that this team is essentially a M*A*S*H unit at this point... FIVE of the most important players are out for the SEASON. You would have to be delusional to believe an already flawed team would be blowing teams out of the water with a roster missing its centerpieces...

Now, if you must still chant from the rooftops  "Fire Sparano! Fire Sparano!", please share with us your brilliant strategy of replacing him with a coach that DOESN'T put up a stinker every once in a while and will have the Dolphins winning Superbowls in Year One. I'm all ears.


Anonymous said...

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Robbie G said...

I'm sorry to tell you that sparano doesn't have a frikin clue.NO O! GOOD D. NO SPECIAL T! A WASHED UP PARCELLS who didn't give a damn about the phone brought him here from Dallas where he didn't have a clue! My grandmother could out coach him and she is 6 feet under.Wont be long & Bill Cower will be here! THANK GOD! Tony,a little advice.Take that wildcat and shove it where the sun don't shine! Cause all of your opponents already have you fist pumpin twit! Team has no fire,no grit,no intestinal Fortitude. Why don't you quit you p$%#*! *DONT_KNOW*

Robbie G said...

Didnt give a damn. About the phins!

Robbie G said...

Anybody wanna argue with me now? The lowly stinkin Lions! Are you freakin kidding me!

Robbbie G Sucks Balls! said...

suck nuts robbie G!

Sorry Robbie! said...

My bad i misunderstood what i read yeah sparano take the wildcat back to college where it belongs!

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