Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chad Pennington Challenges Mark Sanchez to a Modeling Duel

Perhaps envious of the hero's welcome that his younger counterpart and rival has received with his former team, Chad Pennington has been preparing not only to defeat Mark "Dirty" Sanchez on the gridiron, but on the catwalk as well.

This is a video of Pennington's grueling practice for the much anticipated "walk-off" which has been tentatively scheduled for later this summer.

Likely motivated by his disappointing upset loss at the hands of the underdog AJ Hawk in a model-off back in 2007, we have been hearing that Mark Sanchez has taken this challenge quite seriously, devoting 99% of his time to honing his walking technique and creating a unique new "look" which will dazzle the judges and leave Chad Pennington drenched in a flood of mascara.

Some of our spies have reported that he is working on a variation of the much-talked-about "stare" featured in GQ earlier this year:

Sanchez is said to have fully recovered from the horrific injury he suffered during his last walk-off with Packers' LB AJ Hawk. For a replay of the Hawk/Sanchez duel, please view the video below:

It's A Walk-Off

Vegas currently has Pennington's odds of winning the matchup at 50/1.

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