Thursday, June 18, 2009


This is a blog dedicated to all things Miami Dolphins and the NFL. You may ask, "Why the mustache theme? How could you desecrate the sanctity of the Miami Dolphins logo with such an abomination!?"

The reason is simple. NOTHING symbolizes grit, toughness, and unwavering determination like a a hearty bushel of masculinity above a man's upper lip.

You need only ask the hundreds of vanquished Dolphins' foes over the years to get a clear sense of the true power of the stache. Whether it was the menace lurking in the shadows of Csonka's facemask as he demolished any man who dared step into his path, or the gigantic caterpillar of death which perched upon Kim Bokamper's lip daring opponents to cross the line and feel the wrath of the Killer B's, or Tony Sparano's wiseguy follicles beckoning the rivals to sleep with the fishes, the mustache has struck fear into the hearts of countless men who have faced the Dolphins for it was a harbinger of their impending doom.

Even lesser men have called upon the mustache to give them strength, even if it failed. Who could forget Dave Wannstedt's crooked stache which tried so desperately to prop up the weakness of the man who had grown it. In fact, the mustache was the only thing which gave him even an ounce of credibility. Without it, he would have been Cam Cameron.

OK, enough about mustaches. As the season approaches, I hope to give you a unique look at things going on with the Miami Dolphins and around the NFL.


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