Wednesday, June 24, 2009

WR Brandon London Modeling His Way Out of Miami?

In a new article at the Sun-Sentinel, Mike Berardino delves into WR Brandon London's career as a part-time model.

Quick Brandon, strike a pose!

Oop... Wrong pose if you want to make this team buddy... You saw what happened when the imperial Tuna caught wind of Jason Taylor's metrosexual part-time gig. He got the boot and he was a year removed from NFL Defensive Player of the Year! As a borderline 4th WR and Special Teams Player, Brandon should be devoting all his time to honing his craft on the field if he doesn't want to be the latest victim of the ruthless Parcells regime.

All this being said, London will likely stick. I still remember the hustle he showed during the horrific Baltimore meltdown last year in the playoffs when he ran down Ed Reed for almost 50 or 60 yards after one of his multiple INTs to knock the ball out of Reed's hands. Unfortunately, he only knocked the ball out after Ed Reed was a yard past the endzone. However, He displayed heart by never giving up on the play.

I have a feeling Parcells & Sparano noted that inspired play of determination as well. For now though, if he truly wants to remain a part of the Miami Dolphins, London needs to show his skills on the field, not on the catwalk.

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