Sunday, June 28, 2009

How the Miami Dolphins Can Thwart Future Twitter Impostors

In light of the entire "Lambo_Weezy" saga, it has become clear that it is incredibly easy for someone to tarnish the good name of a popular player. All it takes is for a person to convince one REAL NFL Twitter personality that he is the real player, and the masses will follow suit. This was the case of Lambo_Weezy's Davone Bess charade.

These impostors can be dangerous as well seeing as how if they go on unchecked, they can do a lot of harm to a player's image as some of their Twitter impostor's statements begin to make the rounds on message boards, blogs, and even news outlets.

In the case of Lambo_Weezy, he challenged the real Chris Johnson to a foot race (claiming he now ran a 4.2, sending thousands of dolfans' hearts a-twitter) and displayed a brash persona at odds with the humble personality that the real Davone Bess displayed throughout his playing career.

But that wasn't the worst of it. The impostor was seen on his ustream chats asking users to find him women with which he could fornicate with, which would be a problem, seeing as how Davone Bess is married and has a young daughter. These kinds of antics have the possibility of harming players' personal relationships. To make matters worse, this impostor even appeared to be using recreational drugs, and one viewer I spoke with even claims he flashed a gun at one point to the camera. (This must have occured a few days ago, since during the ustream broadcast I tuned into for a sec two days ago, "Davone" claimed his web cam was broken.)

These kinds of things could turn into another Vontae Davis scenario quite easily. Even though Davone Bess wasn't mistaken as having committed a crime, he no doubt does not want to be associated with any of the activities that the impostor was doing in front of hundreds of fans using his name and likeness.

So how can the Dolphins go about thwarting such cases of Twitter identity theft in the future? I believe the only solution would be to put a list of verified Dolphin player Twitter accounts on for all to see. This would make it easy for fans to easily crosscheck whether or not the Tweeter they are interacting with is vouched for by the organization. Perhaps they could even set up some predetermined accounts for the players to use.

While the previous case of Twitter identity theft involving Chad Pennington was merely a (a sometimes humorous) nuisance, this latest Twitter impostor could have caused much larger problems for Davone since real players such as Chad Ochocinco, Chris Johnson, and Lendale White believed Lambo_Weezy to be the real Davone Bess. And, his actions, if they were indeed the real Davone Bess, likely would have resulted in some sort of disciplinary action or involvement from the team or league.

As this saga winds down, I again would like to thank all those involved in exposing the Twitter impostor.

And I sure am getting tired of writing about Twitter. I could go for some Twitter bird skeet shooting right about now...

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