Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dolphins Sign Rookie WR Patrick Turner... And His Beard

According to the Palm Beach Post, the Miami Dolphins have reached a 4-year deal with the 6-5' WR out of USC.

By all accounts, he has been quite impressive thus far this offseason. If he is able to continue this progress, his height should add an additional element to the already impressive and creative offense that the Dolphins operated last season. Patrick Turner could become the weapon that the Dolphins staff originally envisioned that Ernest "Goes to Camp" Wilford would become.

However, his height is not Turner's most impressive feature. He also sports a beard that is so robust that it would even make Rick Ross shed tears of envy...

Although it is possible that the weight of the mountain of follicles sprouting from his cheeks might add a few seconds to his 40 time, it is the opinion of this author that facial hair and football are never a bad combination. Long live the beard!

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