Saturday, June 27, 2009

@Lambo_Weezy NOT Davone Bess?

After I posted the last story regarding Twitter and its implications for the Parcells Regime, an intrepid tweeter by the name of @Bryttani18 linked me to a picture Lambo_Weezy had posted of himself on While the person could pass for Davone Bess at a dark nightclub, mimmicking his signature dreads, it did not appear to me to be the same person. After I RTd the messaged to @Lambo_Weezy, the pictures mysteriously disappeared.

This, in conjunction with the fact that he never used video during his Ustream broadcasts, leads me to believe that in fact there is someone posing as Davone Bess on Twitter, and perhaps in real life. Lambo_Weezy responded to several requests to appear at clubs and parties by asking for money in return.

The one facet of this story that is still a bit of a mystery is the fact that the REAL Chad Ochocinco vouched for @Lambo_Weezy as the real Davone Bess. I tweeted him regarding the evidence we found as to his stolen identity, and am awaiting a response.

You can follow all the action at

UPDATE: @Bryttani18 managed to save these images before they were deleted. Lambo_Weezy is Davone Bess? See for yourself! BUSTED!

UPDATE 2: @Lambo_Weezy direct messaged me with the following: "Lambo_WeezyMy friend used my phone with those pics, wat u did was not cool @ all if u seen all the pics the had difftent people on them"

I couldn't direct message him back, so I tweeted him back telling him he could resolve this issue by simply posting an image of himself holding a sign that read "Lambo_Weezy". I will keep you updated if he takes up the challenge.

UPDATE 3: He responded with "I will later". Keep posted.



Tombo Ahi said...

Excellent work. That's definitely not Bess. And the voice on Lambo_Weezy's ustream isn't even close to the real Bess. Here's the voice of the real Bess:

If Lambo decides to broadcast again, compare and contrast.

Finstache said...

Thanks. Hopefully the word gets out so he wont dare run another Ustream broadcast again. He already had Chad Johnson and Chris Johnson believing he was Davone Bess.

He no doubt tries to use his resemblence to get into clubs as well.

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