Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lambo_Weezy: Case Closed?

It looks like Lambo_Weezy is actually in Orange County. And not even Orange County, FLORIDA. The guy is in L.A. Just got this update from The Phinsider:

[Update by Matty I at 4:12 am] Just to add one more piece of evidence that really shouts that "Lambo_Weezy" is not Davone Bess, on June 1at 11:10 pm, the "fake Bess" tweets, "Mondrian is the best hotel in hollywood." Then on June 2 at 3:06 pm, he tweets, "Wat is everybody doing? talk to me I'm bored @ the hotel room thinkin bout goin to the Beverly center in a lil bit." The Beverly Center, by the way, is a mall in Los Angeles. Then at 5:02, this guy tweets about going to USC to play basketball. The problem with all this? Well, the Dolphins had an OTA on June 2 that was open to the media. And Omar Kelly tweets at 10:02 am on June 2, "Davone Bess paired with Ted Ginn as the starting WRs." Yeah - the real Davone Bess was in Florida practicing at the time. This just about seals the deal for me - though I'll wait for official confirmation. [end update]

Spread the word. There is basically no way he can explain this. On top of all the other evidence we have found to support that Lambo_Weezy is a fraud, including the fact that he refuses to take a picture of himself with a sign that reads his username, should confirm once and for all that Davone Bess has been the victim of nefarious doppelganger. Ochocinco, LenDale, and Chris Johnson also fell prey to the infamous Lambo. Hopefully they didn't loan him any money or anything.

Get the word out to @ChrisJohnson28, @OGOchoCinco, and @THEREAL_LENDALE that they are being played by a con artist posing as Miami Dolphins WR Davone Bess.

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