Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Curious Case of Lambo_Weezy

This Lambo_Weezy Twitter Saga is beginning to get as complicated as a David Lynch film. Most signs point to Lambo_Weezy being a Davone Bess impersonator, however, there are still some things that keep popping up which would tend to support the claim that Lambo_Weezy is indeed the real Davone.

This is where we stand so far:

A few days back Lambo_Weezy pops on the scene. His online persona is flamboyant and gaudy, almost the antithesis of the Davone Bess we have seen in interviews. He even was seemingly charging other people to make appearances at their clubs and parties.

He has held several live streaming chats with fans on at However, during these live broadcasts, there is only audio, no video. He claims his webcam is busted. I only listened in on a portion of the broadcast. At the time, I did think it sounded like Davone Bess from what I remembered from interviews. However, several posters from Finheaven, a popular Dolphins message board, found the broadcast to feature a personality that was out of character for the Davone they thought they knew. You can see their reaction here.

Anyway, Lambo_Weezy has several legit NFL tweeters convinced that he is the real Davone Bess. Chad Ochocinco @OGOchoCinco is a verified account, meaning, that it has been PROVEN that the real number 85 uses that account. When asked by several tweeters whether or not Lambo_Weezy was Davone Bess, he responded that it was.

My first interaction with Lambo_Weezy was when I tweeted him in regard to a typo. He had responded to another user's question about who was the most impressive rookie he faced in camp and Lambo_Weezy responded with "Steve Smith". At the time, I thought it just might have been a slip up, as he meant Sean Smith, but looking back, I think that was a clue as to the identity of Lambo_Weezy.

Today, I received a tweet from @Bryttani18 which linked me to some pictures on his personal account. TwitPic is a place that allows you to store photos for use on Twitter. She stated that the photos didn't look like the Davone Bess she had seen in photos, and upon inspection, I concur.

When I confronted Lambo_Weezy on the issue, he promptly deleted the photos in question. Fortunately, @Bryttani18 had saved the photos and passed them along to me. That picture can be found here.

Obviously the photo is NOT of Davone Bess. However, Lambo_Weezy claims that a friend had used his phone to take a picture of himself and that is why it was on his TwitPic account.

I told him that the only way to prove that he was the real Davone Bess was to take a picture of himself holding a sign that read "Lambo_Weezy" under it. If he is indeed the real Davone Bess, this would be the easiest way to prove it. He responded that he would do so later. As of this time, he has not posted any such photo.

Since the photos got out into the Dolphin Twitter fan base, several people have come forth to help provide their assistance in uncovering the truth. @ThePhinsider put a call into Davone's agent, so we should have the answer once he hears back from him. Additionally, Ethan Skolnick of the Sun-Sentinel has picked up on the story. It won't be long until the truth regarding Lambo_Weezy surfaces.

During one of the broadcasts, several users stated that Lambo_Weezy had a conversation with LenDale White over the phone.

I received the following tweets from a Titans fan who seemed to confirm that LenDale did in fact speak with Davone, and that those accounts were confirmed by the Tennessean. He stated the following:

Ryan915 @Finstache and he said yeah it was.. LenDale and CJ's twitters are confirmed by the Tennessean too. I don't know what's going on here.
28 minutes ago from web

Ryan915 @Finstache If you read LenDale's updates he replied to what I asked he just didn't press reply. I asked if that was him on the phone
I have since tweeted both Lendale (@THEREAL_LENDALE) and Chris Johnson(@ChrisJohnson28), but have not yet received a response. However, I am even beginning to think that THESE accounts are fake. If it weren't for the fact that the Tennessean supposedly backed them up, I would lump them in with Lambo_Weezy.

My reasoning is as follows: All these accounts use photography that anyone could find simply by doing a google search. Most of the verified NFL tweeters such as Chad Johnson and Warren Sapp have used photos they have taken themselves from their camera phones, etc.

The fact that Chad Ochocinco vouched for Lambo_Weezy remains the most perplexing aspect of this whole saga.

In any case, the truth will surface shortly. There are too many people on this case for this charade to persist much longer.

Be sure to check back for more updates.

BTW, I kept imagining the hardcore TWITTER TRACKER voice from the Tonight Show while writing this story...

And of course be sure to follow the Twitter drama as it unfolds here:

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