Sunday, June 28, 2009


This will be my final Lambo_Weezy post except for the one where I report on Davone Bess' response to this whole thing, if there even is a response.

Let there be no doubt, Lambo_Weezy was a SCAM! A SHAM! AN IMPOSTOR!

He was a loser who had a passing resemblance to Davone Bess and used it to manipulate people and make his pathetic life feel a tad more exciting.

Even if the previous evidence wasn't enough to sway you, this new bit should.

Lambo_Weezy has officially changed his twitter account name to @Lambo_Weezy15. If he were indeed the REAL Davone Bess, he would have no need to change his account in order to get away from the bad press.

The charade is over. PLEASE pass this on so Lambo_Weezy15 can no longer continue to tarnish the good name of Davone Bess.

Bess is one of the most humble guys around. A man who does his talking on the field, not on a bogus twitter and ustream account. I just hope this Lambo_Weezy character didn't turn off any of Davone's fans through this scam.

Please RETWEET THIS. LETS SHUT DOWN Lambo_Weezy, Lambo_Weezy15, and whichever other account he changes his name to in the future.

UPDATE: He just changed his name to @Lambo_Weezywee. I am sure he will continue to keep changing it. Please just get the word out about this guy. Don't let any other people be fooled.

UPDATE #2: He is now known as @LamboWeezy


PS: Thank you to all the Tweeters out there who helped us expose Lambo_Weezy for the fraud he is. Hopefully Chris Johnson and Chad Ochocinco are no longer fooled by this clown.

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