Saturday, June 27, 2009

More Lambo_Weezy Investigation Updates

While this entire saga is still making me go...

I do have some updates to report.

First off, still no word from Lambo_Weezy himself. This would suggest to me that he is hiding, since he has been quite active of late. In fact, he tweeted "goodnight" last night at what would have been 6am EST.

Secondly, no response from LenDale White or Chris Johnson either. However, I do have some bits in regard to LenDale. It seems that the Twitter account that claims to be LenDale and interacted with Lambo_Weezy is legit as per these articles as refered to me by user @TRacsTitans31:


The ESPN article confirms Keith Bulluck's twitter account. From this account, Keith has interacted with ChrisJohnson28 which would make it appear that ChrisJohnson28 is Chris Johnson the RB from the Titans. And since ChrisJohnson28 routinely speaks the Lendale Twitter account I posted earlier, that would appear to make him legit as well.

So both the real Lendale and Chris Johnson appear to believe that Lambo_Weezy is the real Davone Bess.


Bdizzle93, a once staunch Lambo_Weezy believer, has now come to believe that the account is fake as well since his father, a diehard dolphin fan, found that the voice Lambo_Weezy was using sounded nothing like Davone Bess in interviews.

Bdizzle also stated that Lambo_Weezy was asking other Twitter users to pick up chicks for him. I highly doubt Davone Bess would have any trouble finding women.

But this leads to another issue. According to @808okiboy Davone Bess is married and had his first child a while back. If this is true, and Lambo_Weezy is really Davone Bess, he will have to answer to more than just the Tuna. I highly doubt a married man would flaunt his cheating ways all over Twitter seeing as how it is such a public forum.

Perhaps the best proof AGAINST Lambo_Weezy being the real Davone Bess is the following tweet I received:

rzayo24 @Finstache ...The account sent a tweet out at like 11:11am and 12:30pm on June 14th...Phins had practice. And 5am nite b4 a chat started
I made an attempt to verify this, but @Lambo_Weezy has now locked his updates to the outside world.

For now, it is still up in the air. But I am still leaning toward the side that Lambo_Weezy is a sham account trying, and somewhat succeeding, to profit off of Davone's fame.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: The guys over at The Phinsider were able to detail the descrepencies from when Lambo_Weezy was tweeting and Davone Bess was on the practice field. You can check out what they found HERE.

This is getting closer and closer to a cracked case, but we still won't know for sure until the real Davone Bess speaks out on the issue or his agent confirms or denies. I suppose there was always the offchance that Bess had his blackberry stashed in his jockstrap and tweeted in between running routes...

UPDATE #2: I received the following message from @TRUE_Sports which recollects something Lambo_Weezy tweeted about on June 24th...
Lambo_Weezy tweeted:
@boscovega **** im single now so i gotta party it up lol 10:57 PM Jun 24th

If someone could confirm or deny whether Davone was recently divorced, that would go a long way in solving the case.

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